The Williamsport Area Transportation Study (WATS) includes the County of Lycoming


Major Corridors within the region include:

Major East-West Corridor

US 220, connecting with I-80 and State College

Major North-South Corridor

US 15 and I-180, connecting with New York State, I-80 and Harrisburg


River Valley Transit (RVT) serves most of the urbanized area with a fleet of transit buses operating upon fourteen fixed routes, a mix of “trippers”, and the Downtown Connector.  RVT also serves customers during seasonal or special events, such as the Little League World Series and the Lycoming County Fair.  The Lycoming-Clinton Counties Commission for Community Action, Inc. (STEP) provides services to elderly residents and to individuals with disabilities.



The Williamsport Regional Airport is a non-hub primary (scheduled service) airport. The airport is owned and operated by the Williamsport Municipal Airport Authority that provides commercial passenger service with daily flights to Philadelphia.  Air freight services are also offered at the Williamsport Regional Airport. 


Rail Freight

The railroad infrastructure in Lycoming County is limited to freight service and is centered in and around the City of Williamsport.  The Lycoming Valley Railroad is a switching carrier and a Norfolk Southern Corporation handling line with restricted access given to Canadian Pacific Railway.  Lycoming County is also a member of the SEDA-COG Joint Rail Authority.


Transportation Program- First Four Years (2013-2016)

To maintain and improve the existing transportation system in the Williamsport MPO, several key transportation projects are included in first four years of the 2013-2024 Twelve Year Transportation Program.  Some of these key projects include:

· Replace Sheridan Street Bridge over Millers Run in Loyalsock Township

· Restoration of US 15 southbound from Foy Avenue to Beauty’s Run Road in Old Lycoming Township

· Construct safety improvements on US 15 from the Picnic Area to the Overlook in Armstrong Township

· Construct safety improvements on US 15 from the Armstrong Road to Sylvan Dell in Armstrong Township

· Restoration of US 15 from Third Street to Foy Avenue in Williamsport and Old Lycoming Township

· Improvement of PA 42 and PA 118 intersection and replacement of SR 42 bridge over Little Muncy Creek in Jordan Township

· Restoration of US 220 from Youngs Road to Stewart Street in Woodward Township

· Replace PA 287 bridge over Funston Run in Cummings Township

· Replace PA 654 ridge over Mosquito Creek  in
Duboistown Borough

· Replace PA 973 bridge over First Fork of Larry’s Creek in Mifflin Township

· Replace SR 2001 bridge over Big Spring Creek in Washington Township

· Construct retaining wall on SR 2039 (Warrensville Road) in Loyalsock Township

· Replace SR 2069 over Little Muncy Creek in Moreland Township


Transportation Program- Second Four Years (2017-2020)

Due to the cost and timing of projects in the first four years of the 2013-2024 Twelve Year Transportation Program, several projects will overlap and continue in the second four years of the Program.  Some of these key projects include:

· Replace parallel culvert on SR 3028 (Allegheny Street) in Jersey Shore Borough

· Replace PA 44 bridge over Antes Creek in Limestone Township

· Replace SR 1017 bridge over Lycoming Creek in Lycoming and Hepburn Townships

· Replace SR 2014 (High Street) over Lycoming Creek in Williamsport

· Restoration of SR 2014 (West 4th Street) from Hillside Avenue to US 15 in Williamsport

· Restoration of SR 2014 (West 3rd Street) from Campbell Street to Basin Street in Williamsport

· Rehabilitate SR 4001 over Little Pine Creek in Pine Township