The Southern Alleghenies Planning and Development Commission (SAP&DC) is responsible for coordinating transportation planning efforts in the four county area of Bedford, Fulton, Huntingdon, and Somerset Counties.


Major Corridors within the region include:

Major East-West Corridor

I-76 , connecting with Philadelphia,
Harrisburg, and Pittsburgh

Major North-South Corridor

US 220 and I-99, US 219 connecting with Altoona and Johnstown


Fulton County provides transportation services to elderly and disabled residents though an independent agency, the Fulton County Transportation System. The Huntingdon County Transportation System, an arm of the Bedford, Fulton, Huntingdon Area Agency on Aging, provides limited transit services for senior citizens, and the Somerset County Transportation System provides services in Somerset County.



Two airports provide general aviation service to the region, one in Bedford County and a privately owned airport in Huntingdon County.


Rail Freight

Amtrak provides passenger service while Norfolk Southern provides rail freight service in Huntingdon County. CSX Transportation and Wheeling and Lake Erie provide rail freight services for Somerset County.

Transportation Program- First Four Years (2013-2016)

To maintain and improve the existing transportation system in the Southern Alleghenies RPO, several key transportation projects are included in first four years of the 2013-2024 Twelve Year Transportation Program. Some of these key projects include:

 Intersection improvements on PA 36 at the intersection of PA 869 in South Woodbury Township, Bedford County.

 Replacement of bridge carrying Lutzville Road (SR 2019) over Raystown Branch of Juniata River in Snake Spring Township, Bedford County.

 Highway restoration on Waterfall Road (PA 475) from US 522 to Taylor Road (T-432) in Dublin Township, Fulton County.

 Safety improvement on US 522 in Belfast Township, Fulton County.

 Replacement of bridge carrying PA 913 over Shoups Run and replacement of culvert carrying PA 913 over Milers Run in Coalmont Borough, Huntingdon County.

 Southern terminus of US 219 Four-lane bypass in Somerset Township through Brothers Valley Township to the northern terminus of the Meyersdale Bypass near Pony Farms in Summit Township, Somerset County.

 Replacement of bridge carrying SR 2006 over Flaugherty Creek in Summit Township, Somerset County.

 Highway reconstruction including widening on East Mud Pike Road (SR 3010) in Brothers Valley Township, Somerset County.


Transportation Program- Second Four Years (2017-2020)

Due to the cost and timing of projects in the first four years of the 2013-2024 Twelve Year Transportation Program, several projects will overlap and continue in the second four years of the Program. Some of these key projects include:

 Replacement of bridge carrying PA 523 over Laurel Run in Addison Township, Somerset County.

 Rehabilitation of bridge carrying PA 523 over Whites Creek in Addison Township, Somerset County

Transportation Program- Interstate Transportation Projects

 Highway restoration on I-70 from the US 30 Interchange south to the Fulton County Line in East Providence Township, Bedford County.

 Mill and Overlay on I-70 eastbound from Amaranth Interchange to Bedford County Line in Union and Brush Creek Townships, Fulton County.