The Susquehanna Economic Development Association-Council of Governments (SEDA-COG) Rural Planning Organization (RPO) conducts the transportation planning process for eight counties (Clinton, Columbia, Juniata, Mifflin, Montour, Northumberland, Snyder, and Union) in the central Susquehanna Valley. 


Major Corridors within the region include:

Major East-West Corridor


Major North-South Corridor

US 15, along with US 22, US  11, US 322, I-180 and PA 147


Mount Carmel Borough Transit (MCBT) offers fixed route services for the Boroughs of Marion Heights, Mount Carmel, and Kulpmont, and the Townships of Mount Carmel and Coal.  MCBT is SEDA-COG’s largest transit operator with over 63,000 riders yearly.  The Union/Snyder County’s Transportation Alliance and Juniata/Mifflin County’s Area Agency for the Aging provide services to elderly residents and to individuals with disabilities.



A number of small municipal airports and other air transportation facilities open to the public serve the eight county SEDA-COG regions. However, for the most part, the Williamsport Regional Airport in Lycoming County and the University Park Airport in Centre County provide commercial air service for the SEDA-COG region.  Other municipal airports include the William T. Piper Memorial Airport in Clinton County, the Bloomsburg Municipal Airport in Columbia County, the EWT4 Heliport in Juniata County, the Mifflin County Airport, the Northumberland County Airport, and the Penn Valley Airport in Snyder County. 


Rail Freight

The SEDA-COG Joint Rail Authority serves the SEDA-COG RPO through the Nittany and Bald Eagle Railroad, the North Shore Railroad, the Lycoming Valley Railroad, the White Deer and Reading Railroad, the Shamokin Valley Railroad, and the Juniata Valley Railroad.  The Joint Rail Authority, which was formed in 1983, presently owns 190 miles of rail, serves 65 major rail customers in an eight county region, and is responsible for over 8,000 jobs.  Norfolk-Southern Corporation and Canadian-Pacific Railway are the two Class I railroads in the SEDA-COG region.




Transportation Program - First Four Years (2013-2016)

To maintain and improve the existing transportation system in SEDA-COG, several key transportation projects are included in the first four years of the 2013-2024 Twelve Year Transportation Program.  Some of these key projects include:


· Bridge Replacement on PA 64 over Big Fishing Creek in Porter Township, Clinton County

· Bridge Replacement on PA 144, Halls Run Road, over Halls Run in Noyes Township, Clinton County

· New Interchange, ramps and structure on US 220, Frank D. O'Reilly Highway in Lamar Township, Clinton County

· Bridge Replacement on PA 35 (Bridge Street) over the Juniata River in Mifflintown Borough, Juniata County

· Bridge Replacement on PA 35 over Lost Creek in Fayette Township, Juniata County

· Bridge Replacement on PA 850 (Middle Road) over Willow Run in Tuscarora Township, Juniata County

· Bridge Substructure Rehabilitation on several bridges on US 22 over US 522 in Lewistown Borough, US 22, over T-480 in Derry Township, US 22 over SR 8018 and Kish Creek in Derry Township, US 22 over Valley Road in Derry Township, US 22 over T- 315 and Jacks Creek in Derry Township, Mifflin County

· Resurface PA 93 from US 11 to Slowick Road in Berwick Borough ,Briar Creek Borough, Briar Creek Township and North Centre Township, Columbia County

· Resurface PA  642 from I-80 to Mahoning Creek in Valley, Derry, and West Hemlock Townships, Montour County

· Resurface PA 54 from the Boyd Station to Elysburg in Ralpho and Rush Townships, Northumberland County

· Resurface PA 61 from Weigh Scales to Paxinos in Ralpho and Shamokin Townships, Northumberland County

· Replace Bridge on PA 405 over Norfolk Southern Railroad in West Chillisquaque Township, Northumberland County

· Resurface US 15 from the US 11 split to Union County Line in the Shamkion Dam Borough, Northumberland County

· Resurface US 15 from Zeigler Road to SR 1008 in Kelly and White Deer Townships, Union County

· Reconstruct PA 45 in the Mifflinburg Borough, Union County

· Replace Bridge on US 522 over Middle Creek in Middle Creek Township, Snyder County.

· Resurface PA 147 in West Chillisquaque and Turbot Townships and Milton Borough, Northumberland County


Transportation Program - Second Four Years (2017-2020)

Due to the cost and timing of projects in the first four years of the 2013-2024 Twelve Year Transportation Program, several projects will overlap and continue in the second four years of the Program. 

Some of these key projects include:


· Slide Hazard Safety Improvements on PA  120 in Noyes Township, Clinton County

· Bridge Replacement on PA 35 over Cocolamus in Fayette Township, Juniata County

· Bridge Replacement on PA 35 over East Licking in Milford Township, Juniata County

· Rehabilitate Bridge on PA 45 over Chillisquaque Creek in East Chillisquaque & West Chillisquaque Townships, Northumberland County

· Bridge Preservation for five Bridges  on PA 487 (Red Rock Rd), SR 2007 (Columbia Hill Rd), and US 15 in Orange, Benton, Valley, and White Deer Townships, Columbia, Montour, and Union Counties

· Rehabilitate Bridge on SR 1020 (Winding Road) over Pine Creek in Fishing Creek Township, Columbia County

· Replace Bridge on SR 1006 (Preserve Road) over Branch of Chillisquaque Creek in Anthony Township, Montour County

· Rehabilitate Bridge on SR 3018 over Mahantango Creek in Jordan Township, Northumberland County

· Rehabilitate Bridge on SR 4008 (Stage Road) over Ulsh Gap Run in Spring Township, Snyder County


Transportation Program - Interstate Transportation Project

· Resurface I-180 from SR 2014 in Muncy Creek Township, Lycoming County to PA 54 (Hall Road) in Delaware Township, Northumberland County