Program Development Process

The first four years of the Program is referenced as the Transportation
Improvement Program (TIP)
, which coincides with the federally required Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP). The TIP lists highway, bridge, transit, rail freight, and aviation projects that intend to use federal and/or state matching funds excluding specified maintenance funds. Each MPO and RPO is responsible for developing a TIP.
Public involvement is required when developing a TIP and
public involvement activities are specified in each MPO/RPO’s adopted Public Participation Plan (PPP).


This plan provides the public with an active role in the development of transportation plans, programs, and projects beginning in the early stages of plan development and
continuing throughout the planning process. As needs and priorities change, the TIP may be modified or amended. The State Transportation Commission (STC) reviews and approves the Twelve Year Program every two years and when finalized, the STC adopts the program. It is then forwarded to the Governor, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for their approval prior to the start of the federal fiscal year which is October 1 of each year.


In recognition and support of the guiding principles of Pennsylvania’s planning and programming process, the State Transportation Commission, at its February 24, 2011
quarterly meeting, began the formulation of the 2013 Twelve Year Program by conducting a series of public hearings during August and  September of 2011. Public input was
received as early as possible so that the program development process would proceed in accordance with all the key  planning and programming cycles. By scheduling these hearings during late summer of 2011, the State Transportation Commission’s public involvement was at the forefront of the process, and thus could provide input for later
deliberations on the program by all partners such as the State Transportation Commission, PennDOT, MPOs, and RPOs.


It is through these hearings that all planning partners gain a better understanding of the transportation needs and priorities of the metropolitan and rural regions, the general
public, elected officials, the business community, interest groups and citizens. With the
knowledge of the transportation needs and desires of all Pennsylvanians, better decisions can be made on the expenditure of available transportation funds on a variety of proposed rail, highway, bridge, transit, aviation, bicycle and pedestrian projects.


The links below will take you to the State Transportation Commission's website, as well as the website of PennDOT’s Center for Program Management and Development, which
coordinates the program development process between the MPOs, RPOs, federal
agencies, transit providers and other transportation entities.