During the development of the 2013 Transportation Program there were 15 Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) in Pennsylvania. MPOs are required by federal law in urbanized areas of 50,000 or more people in population.


MPO members include:

· Local elected officials

· Representatives of the major modes of transportation

· PennDOT

· Other transportation stakeholders


MPOs are required to develop and maintain a Long Range Transportation Plan of at least 20 years and a Transportation  Improvement Program (TIP) that covers four years. MPOs are supported by Federal and State Planning Funds. TIPs are to be made available in electronic format.

Text Box: Map 1: MPOs in Pennsylvania are pictured above.

MPOs in Pennsylvania. The links below go to individual MPO TIPS and PennDOT and MPO contact emails and phone numbers.


1. Altoona

2. Centre Region

3. Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission

4. Erie

5. Harrisburg

6. Johnstown

7. Lackawanna/Luzerne

8. Lancaster

9. Lebanon

10. Lehigh Valley

11. Reading

12. Shenango Valley

13. Southwestern Pennsylvania

14. Williamsport

15. York