Funding Levels

Development of the 2013 Twelve Year Program placed emphasis on openness and partnerships. All parties involved in the development of the 2013 Program were made aware of the amount of federal, state, and local funds the Commonwealth expected to receive for transportation improvement purposes, and our partners were key players involved in structuring the process under which the Twelve Year Program was developed.


The Department and its partners reached consensus on general, procedural and financial guidance for program development.


Partner agencies (MPOs, and RPOs), with input from PennDOT and the State Transportation Commission, produced draft Transportation Improvement Programs (TIPs) for their areas and submitted them to the Department for review and response. From this point, issues were identified, differences were resolved and consensus was achieved.


The 2013 Twelve Year Program is a financially responsible/fiscally constrained program centered on the Department’s “maintenance-first”  philosophy. The 2013-2024 TYP contains over $40 billion dollars worth of projects involving all modes of transportation and intermodal connections. Of this total, $15 billion is associated with the first four-year period of the 2013 Program.

Figure: Funding Level Summary