The Altoona Area Transportation Study (Altoona MPO) area boundary includes all of Blair County.  The urbanized area includes the City of Altoona and Boroughs of Duncansville and Hollidaysburg. 


Major Corridors within the region include:

Major East-West Corridor

US 22, connecting with Johnstown and Harrisburg

Major North-South Corridor

I-99, connecting with State College and I-76


Altoona Metro Transit (AMTRAN) serves most of the urbanized area with a fleet of transit buses operating upon several fixed routes.  Blair Senior Services, Inc. provides transportation services to elderly residents and to individuals with disabilities in and around the Altoona metropolitan area and  Blair County in general.



The Altoona-Blair County Airport provides commercial passenger service.  A local fixed base operator services general aviation with fuel and repairs.  The airport serves as the site for the Federal Aviation Administration’s Western Pennsylvania Flight Service Station.


Rail Freight

The railroad infrastructure in Blair County provides for both passenger and freight service and is centered in and near the City of Altoona.  Amtrak provides daily east and westbound passenger serviceNorfolk Southern Railway Co. is the major rail freight carrier in the region.  The area also includes two short line operators:  Everett Railroad Company and the Nittany and Bald Eagle Railroad.

Transportation Program - First Four Years (2013-2016)

To maintain and improve the existing transportation system in the Altoona MPO, several key transportation projects are included in first four years of the 2013-2024 Twelve Year Transportation Program.  Some of these key projects include:

· Construction of the US 22 Canoe Creek Intersection Project

· Construction of the SR 1009 Frankstown Road Betterment Project

· Construction of the SR 4019 Pinecroft Curves SAMI project.

· Utility, Right-of-way (ROW) and Construction phases of the SR 4027 Tyrone Westvaco Bridge 


Transportation Program - Second Four Years (2017-2020)

Due to the cost and timing of projects in the first four years of the 2013-2024 Twelve Year Transportation Program, several projects will overlap and continue in the second four years of the Program.  Some of these key projects include:

· Construction of the PA 764 (Greenwood Sandy Run  Bridge)

· Construction of the SR 1001 (Sheraton Drive) to Goods Lane I-99 restoration project

· Construction of SR 1012 (East 10th Street Bridge)  in Tyrone

· Construction of multiple structures on SR 1013 over Sinking Run (six structures)