2013-2016 Transportation Improvement Program

The Commonwealth’s Twelve Year Transportation Program (TYP) is Pennsylvania's
official transportation program. It addresses all transportation modes, including
highways and bridges, public transit, aviation, rail freight, as well as bicycles and
pedestrians facilities. The Twelve Year Transportation Program is separated into three four-year program periods. The first four years coincide with the federally required STIP and TIPs.  The TYP is a dynamic schedule of agreed upon priority projects that PennDOT, with its various partners, will work to accomplish over a twelve-year period.


The program is fiscally constrained to be consistent with expected funding levels. Regular review of the Program is made and changes, if necessary, are based on the ability to
accomplish projects, the costs for projects, and changing needs.


The Transportation Program reflects transportation priorities for the next twelve-year period.  In Pennsylvania as elsewhere, the demand for transportation improvements far exceeds available resources. The programming process is designed to help Pennsylvania prioritize its many transportation projects within the available funding. It is a collaboration among the State Transportation Commission (STC) , Metropolitan and Rural Planning Organizations,
Federal Transportation Agencies and owners and operators of transportation services


The Program not only lists specific projects to be undertaken during the first four-year period, it also details the anticipated schedule and costs for each project phase. Projects also may be detailed in the second or third four-year period—generally, if pre-construction phases are listed within the first four-year period. Otherwise, statewide line items by program category are identified in the second and third program periods. As new projects are later identified, these line items are adjusted to reflect the detailed phases and costs associated to advance a new project, all within fiscal constraints.


The 2013-2024 Twelve Year Program listing contains funding reserve amounts shown for Bridges, Betterments, Safety, and Interstate/Expressway projects, and for the Highway and Bridge, Aviation, Rail Freight, and Transit programs.  Specific projects for these funding
reserve amounts will be identified in subsequent program modifications and updates.
Projects in the program listing are identified in the MPO or RPO in which they are located and
further delineated by transportation mode and county


The links at right contain a TIP Visualization Tool, the present Twelve Year Program as adopted, the 2013 Hearing Summary which summarizes the testimony given during the
summer and fall of 2011, and the 2013 Transportation Program.