Automated Red Light Enforcement (ARLE) Program:

PennDOT's ARLE Funding Program: The ARLE Funding Program is administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Maintenance and Operations. Currently the Philadelphia Parking Authority, the City of Philadelphia’s system administrator [as outlined in 75 Pa.C.S. §3116(h)], provides the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation with quarterly deposits of revenue generated by automated red light enforcement violations into a restricted Motor License Fund account as indicated in 75 Pa.C.S. §3116(l)(2). The Philadelphia Parking Authority deducts all operation and maintenance costs prior to depositing the remaining revenues into a restricted Motor License Fund account. The balance of revenues generated in the restricted Motor License Fund account is eligible for use as part of the ARLE Funding Program. The Department will post yearly revenues available for the ARLE Funding Program into the Pennsylvania Bulletin each spring prior to the submission of applications. An eligible sponsor, as indicated in 67 Pa. Code §233.5 (Application procedure), can submit an application or applications within the parameters developed in 67 Pa. Code §233.6 (Deadline for applications). As indicated in 67 Pa. Code §233.4 (Limits of funding), no matching funds are required for eligibility in the ARLE Funding Program. Eligible projects are evaluated within the parameters of 67 Pa. Code §233.3 (Eligibility requirements and criteria), 67 Pa. Code §233.8 (Grant selection process and criteria) and Chapter 1, Section D (Eligible Projects) of this policy. Once a grant is offered and accepted as outlined in 67 Pa. Code §233.10 (Offer and acceptance of a grant) and 67 Pa. Code §233.14 (Payment procedures), the Department will reimburse the sponsor within 60 days from receipt of the quarterly status report. The Department requires that the awarded sponsor shall keep proper records as stated within 67 Pa. Code §233.12 (Audit and recordkeeping) and 67 Pa. Code §233.11 (Standards, methods, techniques, designs, and special conditions).