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Valerie TeminoSupervisor610-205-6541
Marjorie ParrisMunicipal Representative610-205-6540
Steve YourteeMunicipal Representative610-205-6539
Joshua KoppMunicipal Representative610-205-6542
Tim GrecoMunicipal Representative610-205-6537
Municipal Services Fax Number610-205-6910

Serving the public through local government since 1903.

PennDOT's Municipal Services group oversees the allocation of Pennsylvania's Liquid Fuels Funds to 238 municipalities and the five counties in District 6. Fund allocation is determined by population and local road mileage. (Part of the state tax on motor vehicle fuels collected at the pump in Pennsylvania is earmarked for distribution to local municipalities as Liquid Fuels Funds. This money may only be used for use for local road and related improvements.)

Municipal Services representatives work with the cities, boroughs and townships across the region to insure that each receives its proper annual allocation of state funds. They insure the proper spending of Liquid Fuels Funds by reviewing and overseeing local highway and bridge construction projects where Liquid Fuels Funds are utilized.

This group also oversees the Road Turnback Program, where sections of the state highway system are 'turned-over' to local municipalities, who are then paid an annual maintenance fee for their continued upkeep.

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