Liquid Fuels Construction Project Guidelines

Definition: Bridge or Road Reconstruction Drainage Systems, New or Improved Resurfacing 111 or Greater

1. Must Notify your Municipal Services Representative prior to start of work.

2. Project Investigation will be made;
  1. Review of all Pertinent Documents, Estimated Costs, and field view of work site
  2. Insure Compliance with State Specifications
  3. Project Number will be assigned at this time**
  4. Cursory Inspection during Construction
  5. "Final Inspection"

3. Project close-out with a Report of Actual Costs.

**Municipality to. charge all costs to the Project Number

Mileage Addition Guidelines

To assist your municipality in having mileage additions credited for Act 655 liquid fuels tax allocations, the Bureau of Municipal Services requires the following information in order to process the additions


1. A copy of the ordinance or resolution passed by the township to adopt the road as a public highway, and a copy of plot plan or sketch showing road location. (Deed of Dedication should be on file in the municipality).

2. Proof that the ordinance or resolution has been recorded in the County Courthouse showing court seal, page and document number where recorded. Recorded at Clerk of Courts office.

3. Road must have a minimum right-of-way of 33 feet, and a cartway of 16 feet.


1. A copy of the ordinance showing that the municipality has adopted the street as a public highway, and a copy of borough or city map showing street location. (Deed of Dedication should be on file with.the municipality).

2. A copy of the ordinance must be on file in the municipality's ordinance book.

3. In cities, boroughs, and towns street must have a right-of-way of at least 16 feet. In townships of the first class, street must have a right-of-way of at least 33 feet, with the exception of built-up areas where the right-of-way can be reduced to 24 feet.

4. Street must have a cartway of at least 16 feet, paved or unpaved.

NOTE: #1

In following the above mentioned guidelines and by submitting the necessary documents to your Municipal Services District Office before October I of each year, the Department will be able to-process your mileage addition in a timely manner.

NOTE: #2
  1. All roads must be capable of being driven safely at 15 MPH.
  2. All Dead End Roads-must be 250 feet in length and be provided with a Cul-De-Sac having a radius of 40 feet.
  3. Roadway must be accessible from an existing Public Roadway

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