Trucking companies and businesses utilizing trailers are reminded that they must complete an application with PennDOT for route approval if they wish to travel off the National Highway Network onto PA Traffic routes with less than 10-foot lanes, 4-digit state routes and local highways that are currently not approved for use by 102” -wide trailers.

It is the responsibility of the trucking company to be aware of the rules of the road as well as any restrictions on the roads they will be travelling. The “Pennsylvania STAA (Surface Transportation Assistance Act) Truck Routes for 102” Wide Trailers (Pub 411)” as well as the “Truckers Guide to Pennsylvania Map” outlines the routes approved for 102” wide trailers and twin trailers.

Interstate highways as well as marked 1-, 2- or 3-digit Pennsylvania Traffic Routes (such as Routes 6, 11, 307) have 10-foot or wider lane widths and are approved routes unless signed with regulatory signs informing motorists of the restriction.

ALL trucks with 102” wide twins and trailers over 28 ½ feet must file a Truck Access Route Approval Application with PennDOT for the non-approved routes they want to take. These routes may not be signed informing the motorists of the restriction. Please note, four-digit state routes (such as Routes 1001, 3003, 4016 etc.), which commonly occur in more rural areas, must be individually approved by PennDOT. Local traffic routes must be individually approved by the municipality owning the road.

These roads are restricted to some vehicles by PENNSYLVANIA LAW, and this limitation is NOT directed toward any particular industry.

The Application for Truck Access Route (Form M-4630) can be found on the LAST PAGE of the document located at http://www.dot.state.pa.us/public/PubsForms/Publications/PUB%20411.pdf (Document takes a few minutes to open). A completed application includes the one-page form and a map or sketch which indicates the route requested to be used. Instructions for completion are included with the form along with the address in Harrisburg.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: Filing an application does not automatically mean that PennDOT will approve the request. Approval can be difficult if there is no room to accommodate the vehicle, and others on that road, safely.

For more information, please refer to the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code, Title 75, Subchapter B, 4921, “Width, Height and Length”; and also 4908, “Operation of certain combinations on interstate and certain other highways.”

For more information on approved STAA (Surface Transportation Assistance Act) Routes by county (PUB 411) visit this link:

or follow www.dot.state.pa.us, PennDOT Near You, District 4 on the green map, District Services and look under the Marcellus Shale link for various resources referred to in this document.