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04/28/2014Road Closure Rescheduled on Route 3017, Myoma Road
04/24/2014Travel Advisory – Emergency Bridge Repair Project on I-79
04/23/2014Public Meeting Scheduled for the Route 1039 and Route 839 Bridge Replacement Projects
04/23/2014Work Begins in May on Edgewood Signal Project
04/23/2014Public Meeting Scheduled for the Route 3013 and Route 3017 Bridge Replacement Projects
04/22/2014Travel Advisory – Lane Closure Scheduled on Old Route 119
04/22/2014Work Begins on Bridge Rehabilitation Project on Route 56/156
04/22/2014Travel Advisory – Lane Restriction on Route 422 for Bridge Repairs
04/21/2014Travel Advisory – Road Closure Planned on Route 3017, Myoma Road
04/18/2014Work Began on Various Bridge Replacement Projects on Route 68
04/18/2014Travel Advisory – Road Closure on Route 2019
04/14/2014Travel Advisory - Work Resumes on Interstate 80 Reconstruction Project
04/14/2014Work Begins Later this Month on the Bridge Replacement Project on Route 68
04/09/2014PennDOT Doing Its Part in Pennsylvania’s Spring Cleanup
04/09/2014Traffic Signal Upgrades and Retiming Planned
04/03/2014New Transportation Plan Clears Way for the Start of 19 Projects
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