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PennDOT begins emergency contracts for bridge, roadway repairs in north central counties


Here’s a brief update on some of the early emergency contracting underway this weekend in north central Pennsylvania to repair bridges and roads damaged in this week’s widespread flooding.

PennDOT District 3 has a contractor on board to make emergency repairs at the Route 220 Bridge over Muncy Creek in Wolf Township, just north of Hughesville in Lycoming County. The bridge remains intact but there was severe scouring and undermining at the abutments and roadway approaches. A contractor will perform emergency shoring at that structure. This work is expected to take approximately two weeks to complete. SR 220 will remain closed until it is safe to reopen the bridge.

A contractor is on board and has started emergency roadway repairs to Route 87 in Lycoming County, north of the SR 973 intersection in Upper Fairfield Township. Loyalsock Creek floodwaters destroyed about a half-mile section just north of the Slabtown Bridge. A temporary two-lane roadway will be constructed. Around-the-clock work at this location is expected to take three days to complete before the roadway can be reopened. Additional, permanent repairs will take place under a separate contract later.

In addition, this contract includes emergency repairs at three bridges on Route 87 north of there, in the Hillsgrove area in Sullivan County. One bridge is approximately two miles south of Hillsgrove over Kettle Creek, one is a mile north of Hillsgrove over Slab Run and the third is 1.25 miles north of Hillsgrove over Loyalsock Creek. The work at these structures will include emergency shoring or underpinning of the bridge abutments, repairs to the roadway approaches and flood debris removal. Work at these bridges is expected to take approximately three weeks to complete, and is necessary before Route 87 can be reopened to traffic in that area.

In Bradford County, an emergency contract is in place today for work at the Rainbow Bridge (SR 2010 – Wyalusing New Albany Road) over the Susquehanna River just east of SR 187. There is a significant amount of debris at the bridge, which will be removed under the contract, so PennDOT bridge inspectors can complete their flood-damage assessment before reopening the bridge. The bridge remains closed as a safety precaution. The initial emergency work at the Rainbow Bridge may take one to two weeks to complete.
Also in Lycoming County today, a PennDOT maintenance crew is removing the flood-damaged stone arch bridge carrying SR 1006 (Wallis Run Road) over Ingle Mill Run in the Village of Proctor. As a temporary measure until a permanent bridge replacement can be built, the crew will install large pipes and a temporary roadway in order to get Wallis Run Road reopened at that location as soon as possible. The work there is expected to take about a week to complete.

PennDOT reminds motorists to refrain from driving on closed roads until after they are inspected and reopened by the department. Even after the floodwaters recede, there may be damage that is not readily apparent. For example, the roadway approaches to a bridge may visually seem intact from the driver’s view, but may in fact be undermined and ready to collapse under the weight of a vehicle.

PennDOT District 3 has 25 flood-damage assessment teams spread across the north central region today. The general public is asked to refrain from traveling in the flood-damage areas in order to allow our teams time and access to do their work.

For more information and a detailed list of current road closures in north central counties, visit\district3 and click on Local Traffic Advisories.

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