Volunteer Beautification Programs

Amy CosgroveDistrict Coordinator610-205-6755


The Adopt-A-Highway program reinforces PENNDOT's litter pick-up efforts by involving citizens across the Commonwealth in anti-litter efforts in Pennsylvania's collective "front yard", its 150,000 acres of roadside. The program serves to provide clean, well cared-for highways for Pennsylvania's citizens, highway users and the millions of tourists who visit the state each year. The program allows groups or individuals to become special "caretakers" or portions of state highways.

Coordination: The Adopt-A-Highway program has a designated program coordinator in each of the District's 5 county maintenance offices, as well as the program administrator in the District Office in King of Prussia. They are as follows:

District AAH CoordinatorAmy Cosgrove610-205-6755
Bucks County AAH CoordinatorMarilyn Musiowski215-345-6060
Chester County AAH CoordinatorLillian Frank484-340-3275
Delaware County AAH CoordinatorShelia Cartwright610-566-0972
Montgomery County AAH CoordinatorRoseanne Elliott610-275-2368
Philadelphia AAH CoordinatorJennifer Smith215-225-1415

Requirements: The following are requirements for participation in the Adopt-A-Highway program. Everyone in an Adopt-A-Highway group must follow these guidelines. They are as follows:
  • Groups must agree to adopt at least two-mile portions of state highway, unless a smaller section can be justified to an extreme amount of litter. They also must agree to clean the adopted section a minimum of 4 times a year for a two year period. Participation is automatically renewed, unless either party chooses to terminate participation.
  • PennDOT must review the selected section of highway and agree that the highway is suitable for adoption from a saftey standpoint.
  • Safety is a top priority. Group leaders must use safety materials provided by PennDOT and must conduct safety meetings with group members before each pick-up.
  • Adopting groups must sign a participation form (in PDF format) with PennDOT
  • All participants must wear orange safety vests and must post a "Litter Crew Ahead" sign during scheduled pick-up activity. Vests and signs are provided by PennDOT.
  • PennDOT will install two signs (one in each direction) naming the adopting group or individual who adopted that portion of highway.
  • Volunteers must be at least 8 years old, and participants under 18 must be accompanied by adults.
  • Any civic-minded groups or individuals may participate, with the exception of those representing elected officials or candidates for public office.

Great Pennsylvania Cleanup

Great Pennsylvania Cleanup - (April)

Since 1978, PennDOT has sponsored the community-centered volunteer litter pick-up program, Great Pennsylvania Cleanup Day. Each year on GPC Day, thousands of Pennsylvanian's take to the streets in their towns and cities to collect the unsightly trash that litters our roadsides. PennDOT provides trash bags and orange safety vests, Our maintenance crews then pick up the collected refuse and dispose of it free of charge in approved landfills. To organize GPC Day activities in your community, contact the GPC Coordinator for your county.

Volunteers in Chester County.

Bucks County KPB CoordinatorMarilyn Musiowski215-345-6060
Chester County KPB CoordinatorLillian Frank484-340-3275
Delaware County KPB CoordinatorShiela Cartwright610-566-0972
Montgomery County KPB CoordinatorJoanne Nemchenko610-275-2368
Philadelphia KPB CoordinatorJennifer Smith215-225-1415