Current Construction Project Entry

County: Beaver
Route: Routes 18/51
Local Route Name: New Veterans Memorial Bridge

Project Manager: Randy Burgard
Project Manager Phone: (724) 527-5192

Assistant Construction Engineer: Joe Evanko
A.C.E. Phone Number: (412) 429-5064

Prime Contractor: Golden Triangle Construction Company

Project Start:Fall 2010
Project End:Spring 2014

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Current Traffic Restrictions:
The bridge is open.

Project Description:
PennDOT District 11, in cooperation with Beaver County, is announcing work to construct a new bridge over the Beaver River between Route 51 and Route 18 in Fallston and Bridgewater boroughs and Rochester Township, will begin on Monday, Nov. 8.

Beaver County will own the new bridge when construction is completed; however, PennDOT is overseeing the construction as federal funding is involved.

The new bridge will connect with Route 51 north of Riverside Drive and with Route 18 near YMCA Drive. The $22 million project includes the construction of a new highway bridge and approaches, replacement of an existing railroad structure, widening of concrete roadway, milling and bituminous overlay on concrete pavements, bituminous roadway reconstruction, drainage, guide rail and concrete barrier, curb and sidewalk, highway lighting, signing and pavement marking, signals, railroad relocation, water line relocation, and other miscellaneous construction. The prime contractor is the Golden Triangle Construction Company, Inc. of Imperial, PA.