Program Background

This initiative was started by the PennDOT/APC Safety Committee to establish a policy for a Work Zone Traffic Control (WZTC) Specialist to be required on projects. The policy, which is now being circulated for review via Department Clearance Transmittal (CT) and includes a training outline and a quality assurance component.

Program Purpose

The program certifies an individual as a WZTC Specialist to oversee the planning, installation, monitoring, maintenance, and removal of WZTC on state-owned roadways and Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission roadways for all projects involving lane restrictions or lane closures of a travel lane.

Additional Program Resources

  • Establish a program database for approved WZTC Instructors and current WZTC Specialists
  • Establish a webpage portal containing all relevant information pertaining to Work Zone safety
  • Establish and maintain an email resource account for all correspondence related to Work Zone safety

Current Status

The WZTC Certification Program is currently in the vetting process via CT Step 1. The vetting process will include a CT Step 2 phase which will be released for internal and external comment upon the resolution of the CT Step 1 comments received.

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