Traffic Control Center Overview

The PennDOT District 6-0 Traffic Control Center (TCC) is responsible for implementing real-time congestion management and incident management strategies essential to maximizing the operation and safety of the expressway system.

Presently, the TCC staff monitors 180 CCTV cameras, operates 84 Variable Message Signs (VMS), monitors incident detectors, and dispatches expressway service patrols within the City of Philadelphia between the hours of 4:30 AM and 8:30 PM. Expressway Service Patrols are dispatched to help get disabled vehicles / debris / etc. off the highway or shoulder as soon as possible - hopefully prior to causing a secondary accident or distraction (Averaging 7000 assists annually).

By collecting, coordinating and disseminating traffic information to both incident management responders (directly) and to the traveling public (through VMS and traffic information providers), incidents are cleared more efficiently and travelers are provided near real-time information to base their travel decisions.

The CCTVs are useful for early incident detection and absolutely essential for incident verification through extensive coordination with the Philadelphia Highway Patrol, Pennsylvania State Police, and traffic information providers as well as County Emergency Operation Centers, PennDOT County Maintenance offices, DRPA, DELDOT, NJDOT, local police, etc.).

District 6 Traffic Management Center

Parkway Service Patrol Assisting Motorist

Variable Message Sign

CCTV Camera