Penndot District 6 Traffic Cameras

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Interstate 76
I-76 EB W of Croton
I-76 EB Weadley Rd
I-76 WB W of Gypsy Rd
I-76 EB @ Gulph Mills
I-76 EB RAMP TO I-476 SB
I-76 WB @ MM 330.6
I-76 EB W of Matsonford
I-76 WB @ MM 332
I-76 EB@MM 332.6
I-76 WB Conshohocken Curve N
I-76 EB Ramp to US 202/422
I-76 EB West of Gladwyne
I-76 WB West of Gladwyne
I-76 WB East of Gladwyne
I-76 WB West of Belmont
I-76 EB @ Belmont
I-76 WB East of Belmonte
I-76 WB @ City Ave
I-76 EB @ City Ave
I-76 EB @ US1
I-76 EB Ramp to US1 N
I-76 WB West of Montgomery Dr
I-76 EB @ Montgomery
I-76 EB East of Montgomery
I-76 EB West of Girard
I-76 EB @ Girard
I-76 WB East of Girard
I-76 EB West of Spring Garden
I-76 WB Spring Garden
I-76 EB @ I-676
I-76 WB East of I-676
I-76 WB @ 30th St
I-76 WB West of South Street
I-76 EB East of South Street
I-76 EB @ University Ave
I-76 EB East of Grays Ferry
I-76 EB @ Vare Ave
I-76 EB Ramp to Passyunk Ave
I-76 EB to 26th Street
I-76 WB @ I476 Interchange
I-76 WB @ Conshohocken Curve
I-76 EB West of Waverly
I-76 EB East of Waverly

Interstate 95
I-95 NB-95 @ Indiana St
I-95 NB-95 @ Castor Ave
I-95 SB-95 @ Betsy Ross
I-95 SB-95 @ Wakelng St
I-95 NB-95 @ Vankirk
I-95 SB-95 Disston St
I-95 NB-95 N of COTMN
I-95 SB-95 Penny Pack
I-95 NB-95 S of Amtrak
I-95 SB-95 Academy Rd
I-95 NB-95 Convent Av
I-95 SB-95 Mil Rd
I-95 @ Tennis Ave
I-95 NB-Ramp to PA 63
I-95 SB- 95 Woodhaven
I-95 NB-95 Station Av
I-95 SB Island Airport
I-95 SB-EnterPR/Bart
I-95 SB-Broad St.
I-95 NB/WWB Packer
I-95 SB-Packer/Front
I-95 SB-Tasker/Reed
I-95 Wash/Columbus
I-95 SB-Girard Ave
I-95 @ Girard Ave Exit
I-95 SB-Aramingo/Gir
I-95 NB Ramp to I-76 North
I-95 NB 95@Vine Exp/BF Bridge
I-95 NB 95@Race St.
I-95 SB @Vine/Callowhill
I-95 SB north of Broad Street
I-95 NB @ Pattison Avenue
I-95 NB at Wolf Street
I-95 SB in Penn's Landing Tunnels
I-95 NB in Penn's Landing Tunnels
I-95 NB south of Cottman Ave. on ramp
I-95 NB at Street Road
I-95 SB after US 13/Bristol Pk.
I-95 SB North of Street Road
I-95 SB south of Newportville Pike
I-95 NB @ PA 413
I-95 median north of Ford Road overpass
I-95 @ PA Turnpike overpass
I-95 @ Trenton Road overpass
I-95 SB at East Lincoln Highway
I-95 SB south of PA 213/Old Lincoln Highway
I-95 NB North of US 1
I-95 NB South of US 1
I-95 NB at US 1
I-95 SB before Naaman's Road
I-95 @ PA 452
I-95 NB @ US 322 EB
I-95 SB at US 322
I-95 NB at ramps to Commodore Barry Bridge
I-95 NB at Upland Street
I-95 NB at Melrose Avenue
I-95 NB north of I-476
I-95 SB at Stewart Avenue
I-95 NB before PA 420
I-95 NB at PA 420
I-95 SB before PA 420
I-95 NB approaching Philadelphia Int'l Airport
I-95 NB at Philadelphia International Airport
I-95 SB on midspan of Girard Point Bridge
NB just north of midspan on Girard Point Bridge
I-95 NB South of Nwtn/Yardley Rd
I-95 NB Median at PA 332
I-95 SB North of PA 332
I-95 SB North of Quarry Rd. overpass
I-95 SB Welcome Center
I-95 NB @ New Jersey State Line

Interstate 476
I-476 NB-North of US 1
I-476 NB-Reed Rd
I-476 NB-Blue Rt :7.4
I-476 NB- Lawrence Rd:8.1
I-476 SB -US 30 RMP:13
I-476-US 30/Exit #13
I-476 SB CNTY Ln:13.9
I-476 SB No of Cnty LN
I-476 NB Blue Rt:15.1
I-476 NB @ I-76/Exit 16B
I-476 NB Access Rd BRDG
I-476 SB S of Ridge PK
I-476 NB N of Ridge PK
I-476 McDade on Ramp
I-476 SB @ Mcdade Blvd/Exit 1
I-476 SB @Balt Pike
I-476 SB @ US1
I-476 NB N of Bullend Ln
I-476 SB N of PA320
I-476 SB@SEPTA Overpass
I-476 NB S of Plush Mill Rd
I-476 NB N of Beatty Rd
I-476 SB S of West Chester Pike
I-476 NB N of West Chester Pike
I-476 SB S of Marple Rd
I-476 NB S of Darby Rd
I-476 SB S of Bryn Mawr Ave
I-476 SB@Clyde Rd
I-476 SB @ Conestoge Rd
I-476 SB @ Ridge Pike
I-476 Ramp from Germantown Pike
Ramp I476SB to I95 NB
Ramp I-476 to I-95
Ramp RT1NB to I476SB
Ramp I476NB to RT1NB
Ramp I476SB to RT1SB

PA Route 100
PA 100 NB @ Phoenixville
PA 100 NB BEF Kirkland
PA 100 SB AFT Pottstown
PA 100 NB BEF MTN View
PA 100 NB @ SR3070
PA 100 NB @Sunrise BLVD
PA 100 NB @Worthington
PA 100 SB AFT PA 113
PA 100 NB @PA Turnpike

PA Route 291
PA 291 WB E of I-76

PA Route 309
PA 309 SB @ Easton Rd
PA 309 NB @Susquehanna
PA 309 NB @ Beth PK Mrg
Rt 309NB @PA Turnpike
RT309 NB @ Waverly Rd
RT309 NB S of Papermill Rd
RT309 SB @ Papermill Rd
RT309 SB @ Church Rd
RT309 SB S of Turnpike
RT309 NB N of Turnpike
RT309 SB @ English Village
RT309 SB N of Hartman Rd
RT309 NB @ Stump Rd
RT309 NB @ US 202
RT309 SB @ North Wales Rd
RT309 NB @ Five Points
RT309 SB South of Highland Ave MM 5.9
RT309 NB South of Susquehanna Rd MM 6.15
RT309 SB South of Norristown Rd MM 7.75
RT309 NB at Norristown Rd MM 8.05
RT309 NB North of Norristown Rd MM 8.4
PA Route 611
NB Rt. 611 @ Easton Rd.
SB Rt. 611 @ Limekiln Rd.

PA Route 676
I-676WB 676@24th St
I-676EB 676@Ben Franklin Pkwy
I-676WB 676@20th St
I-676WB 676@18th St
I-676EB 676@16th St
I-676WB 676@Broad St
I-676WB 676@11th St
I-676EB 676@8th St
I-676EB 676@3rd St

US Route 1
RT-100 @ PA -113
US 1 NB South of Henry
US 1 SB @ Fox Street
US 1 SB @ Wissahickon
US 1 NB @ Roberts/Berkley
US 1 NB @ 17th Street
US 1 SB @ Broad Street
US 1 @ 9th Street
US 1 Northbound @ PA Turnpike
US 1 Northbound @ Rock Hill Road
US 1 Northbound @ Business RT 1
US 1 Southbound @ Timber Lane
US 1 Northbound @ Hulmeville Road
US 1 Northbound @ South Pine Street
US 1 Northbound @ East Maple/RT 213
US 1 Southbound South of Woodbourne
US 1 Southbound @ Woodbourne
US 1 Southbound @ Oxford Valley Road
US 1 Northbound North of Oxford Valley Road
US 1 Southbound @ Stony Hill Road
US 1 Northbound @ Trenton Road
US 1 Southbound @ Pine Grove Road/US13
US 1 Southbound @ PA 32
US 1 Northbound @ M-Y Lane
US 1 Southbound @ Pennsylvania Avenue

US Route 23
RT23 EB @ Fayette St
RT23 WB @ Hollow Rd
RT23 WB @ City Line Ave

US Route 30
US 30 EB @ PA 100
US 30 EB before PA 100
US 30 WB@BUS 230 Ramp
US 30 WB before PA 113
US 30 WB before PA 282
US 30 WB @ PA 322
US 30 EB after PA 340

US Route 63
US 63 WB @ Millbrk Rd

US Route 202
US 202 @Town CTR RD
US 202 @ Allendale
US 202 NB US 202/I/76
US 202 SB US 202/PA 422
US 202 NB @ W Valley Rd
US 202 SB @ US 252
US 202 N of US 252
US 202 NB N of Chesterbrk
US 202 SB @ Howelvl Rd
US 202 NB N of N Valley
US 202 SB N of Cedar Hollow Rd
US 202 SB @ PA 29
US 202 NB N of Mill Lane
US 202 SB @ Church Rd
US 202 NB S of PA 401
US 202 SB @ US 30
US 202 SB S of King Rd
US 202 NB@Morstein Rd
US 202 NB@Boot Rd
US 202 SB@ PA 100
US 202 SB @PA 322
US 202 NB N or Paoli
US 202 NB@W Chester P
US 202 NB N of Westtn R
US 202 NB S of Bolmar S
US 202 NB@PA 322
US 202 NB N of Skiles Blvd
US 202 SB @ PA 926
US 202 SB S of Green Tr Dr
US 202 SB@Watkins
US 202 SB @ US1
US 202 SB before Swedesford Rd
US 202 NB North of Welsh Rd
US 202 SB North of Knapp Rd
202 Parkway NB @ Welsh Rd
202 Parkway SB @ Bristol Rd
US 202 Ramp L @ Ramp O
US 202 Ramp L @ Cont BL
US 202 Ramp L @ 76
Rt 202 North of Henderson Rd
US 202 NB @ Rt. 611
US 202 SB @ Easton Rd/PA 611
Rt 202/Markley St at Main St
Rt 202 at Johnson Hwy
202 Parkway SB @ Rt. 309 overpass
202 Parkway SB @ Horsham Rd / PA 463
202 Parkway SB @ County Line Rd
SB 202 Parkway @ Limekiln Pike
SB 202 Parkway @ Bristol Road
NB 202 Parkway @ RT. 611

US Route 422
US 422 EB-422 @ PA Turnpike
US 422 WB-422@PA 23
US 422 WB-422 W of PA 363
US 422 EB- 422 PWLNGS RD
US 422 EB- 422 W of Perk
US 422 WB-422 Egypt Rd
US 422 EB-422 Indn Head
US 422 WB-422 Cider Mil
US 422 WB-422 E of PA 29

Platt Bridge
WB Platt Bridge Midspan
WB Platt Bridge

26th Street
26th Street to 76 WB
26th Street & Penrose Ave

Woodhaven Rd/PA 63
PA 63 Westbound @ Knights Road
PA 63 Eastbound @ Academy Road
PA 63 Eastbound @ Thornton Road
PA 63 Eastbound @ US 1

Upper State Rd/SR2012
Upper State Rd SR 2012 at Horsham Rd SR 463
Upper State Rd SR 2012 @ Bristol Rd
Upper State Rd SR 2012 @ County Line Rd
Upper State Rd SR 2012 @ Limekiln Pike SR 0152

Other Locations
Torresdale @ Harbiso n Ave
Torresdale @ Robbins Ave
Torresdale @ Levick St
Torresdale @ Princeton Ave
Torresdale @ Cottman Ave
Torresdale @ Rhawn St
Torresdale @ Ashburner St
Torresdale @ Linden St
State Rd @ Princeton Ave
State Rd @ Cottman Ave
State Rd. & Bridge St.
SB Upper State Rd SR 2012 @ Almshouse Rd
Aramingo Ave @ Tacony St
Aramingo Ave at Lehigh St
Aramingo Ave at Somerset Ave
Aramingo Ave at Ann St
Aramingo Ave at Allegheny Ave
Aramingo Ave at Castor Ave
Harbison Ave @ Sanger St
Delaware Ave @ Frankford Ave
Delaware Ave at Columbia Ave
Doylestown Rd @ County Line Rd
Butler Ave SB @ Limekiln Pike
Stump Rd. @ Horsham Rd/PA 463
Stump Rd. @ County Line Rd.
Stump Rd. @ Limekiln Pike
Girard Ave at Frankford Ave
Girard Ave at Palmer St

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