Penndot District 5 Traffic Cameras

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Interstate 78

I-78 & Rt.100
I-78 & Cedar Crest Blvd.
I-78 & Rt.145
I-78 & Rt.22 Split
I-78 & Lehigh St.
I-78 & Rt.412
I-78 & Rt.222
I-78 & Rt.33
I-78 & Morgan Hill Rd.
I-78 & Rt.737 Exit 40
I-78 & Rt.143 Exit 35
I-78 & Rt.61 Exit 29
I-78 & Rt.183 Exit 19
I-78 & Rt.645 Exit 10

Interstate 80
I-80 at Rt. 940 Exit 277
I-80 at Rt. 209 Exit 309
I-80 Median at Long Pond Road Overpass
I-80 Median at Scotrun

Interstate 81
I-81 & Rt.61 Exit 124
I-81 & Highridge Exit 119
I-81 & Rt.209 Exit 107

Interstate 380
I-380 at Rt.940 Exit 3

Interstate 176
I-176 and US 422
I-176 and PA 10

State Route 22
Rt.22 & 15th Street
Rt.22 & Rt.309
Rt.22 & Cedar Crest Blvd.
Rt.22 & Rt.145
Rt.22 & Airport Rd.
Rt.22 & Fullerton Ave.
Rt.22 & Schoenersville Rd.
Rt.22 & Rt.512
Rt.22 & Rt.191
Rt.22 & Rt.33
Rt.22 & 4th St.

State Route 222
Rt.222 & Rt.100
Rt. 222 at PA 183

State Route 309
Rt.309 & Tilghman St.

State Route 33
Rt.33SB & Rt. 248

These cameras may experience outages.

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