Where the work is and how to avoid it!

Updated construction schedule

DUNMORE –PennDOT Engineering District 4, is working to help you manage your summer interstate travel through the northeastern Pennsylvania counties of Lackawanna, Luzerne, Pike, Susquehanna and Wayne. To ease your travels you may want to consider the following alternate routes around interstate construction.
Interstate 81
· Exits 170-182: Bridge rehabilitation and deck replacement work on two structures in Laflin Borough, Luzerne County, and one structure in Moosic Borough in Lackawanna County, has begun. The project was awarded to Fahs Construction for a bid of $7,493,000. Anticipated completion is Fall 2010. Two lanes of travel will be maintained throughout the work. Lane closures will occur at night. Work will continue behind barriers over winter.
· Northbound in Lackawanna County over Rocky Glen Road between Exit 178 (Avoca/Lackawanna County line) and Exit 182 (Davis St./Montage Mountain Rd.). The construction of a temporary roadway is underway. Traffic will be shifted to the roadway, in the spring of 2009, when work begins to remove the northbound bridge deck.
· Southbound work in Luzerne County will begin soon on a temporary roadway 3.7 miles north of the Exit 170 ramp, between Exit 175 (Dupont) and Exit 170 (Bear Creek).
· Northbound work in Luzerne County will begin soon on a temporary roadway north of the Exit 170 ramp to .6 miles south of the Exit 175 (Dupont) ramp.
· Exits 180-178A: Bridge rehabilitation work is SOUTHBOUND with two lanes of travel. A stop sign on the ramp from Moosic controls merging traffic. Project includes construction of temporary crossovers and complete re-decking of three bridges between Exit 178A (Avoca) and Exit 180 (Moosic). NORTHBOUND work constructing crossover bridges has begun between mile 174 (Exit 170B Wilkes-Barre) and mile 181 (Exit 182 Davis St. /Montage Mountain Rd.), beginning with shoulder work. Most of the initial work will be within the center median, the location of the crossover bridges. These will not be opened until Spring 2009. The crossover bridges will provide temporary roadways to handle traffic while two Luzerne County bridges and one Lackawanna County bridge are re-decked and rehabilitated. Any lane closures will occur at night. Two lanes will be maintained in each direction. More information will follow. Southbound barriers will remain up during the winter season. Anticipated completion late summer 2009.
· Exit 184 (River St) Off-ramp of I-81 NB: Construction continues on the widening of the River St. off-ramp at River St. and East Mountain Rd. and the installation of a signal at the top of the ramp. Possible traffic backup on the ramp during peak times. DRIVERS ALERT: Watch for flagging and police presence through the work zone. No restrictions; work is in shoulder.
· Exit 191A (Dickson City – Viewmont Mall): Northbound & Southbound re-decking of the bridge over Business Route 6. Traffic is shifted to the middle of the bridge. The outer lanes are closed with two lanes of travel. Be alert as motorists adjust to the change in traffic patterns.
· Exits 191-197: NORTHBOUND bridge work and road repairs continue between Exits 194 and 197; SOUTHBOUND work is complete between Exits 194 and 191. Involved are Exit 191(Dickson City/Scranton Expressway), Exit 194 (Clarks Summit) and Exit 197 (Waverly). DRIVERS’ ALERT! WATCH FOR SIGNS DIRECTING MOTORISTS TO USE BOTH LANES THROUGH THE MERGE POINT. MESSAGE BOARDS PROVIDE LENGTH OF TIME FOR TRAVEL THROUGH WORK ZONE. WATCH FOR STOP SIGNS ON ENTRANCE RAMPS TO I-81. PENNSYLVANIA STATE POLICE WILL ENFORCE SPEED LIMITS AND PATROL FOR AGGRESSIVE DRIVERS. Work includes over 5 miles and 11 bridges. TWO LANES ARE OPEN NB, with periodic lane restrictions for completion. SINGLE LANE SOUTHBOUND. Barriers will be removed during the winter season but work will continue in spring 2009.
Included are:
· Mile 194 over Route 4019, Edella Rd. (2 bridges)
· Mile 195 over Route 4028, Fairview Rd. (2 bridges)
· Route 632 over I-81 N& S, Exit 197 (Waverly)
· Route 1031 over I-81 N& S
· Exit 194 (Clarks Summit) Turnpike Construction: The Clarks Summit TURNPIKE Toll Plaza off Exit 194 (Clarks Summit) is adding 2 lanes, one in each direction northbound & southbound. Expected completion: November 2008. DRIVERS ALERT: Plaza will always be open but could be restricted occasionally. Only one available lane in each direction for truck traffic.
· Exits 206-211: NORTHBOUND & SOUTHBOUND single lane barriers have been removed for winter season. Work will continue in spring 2009. Project includes rehabilitation of 14 bridges and two deck replacements over 7.4 miles in Lenox Township, Susquehanna County. Anticipated completion is 2009.

Alternate routes for I-81:
· Check a map. GPS systems may not consider long-range detours.
· Consider these routes:
o U.S. 11 parallels I-81 in Northeastern Pa. Southbound traffic should take Route 11 before New Milford or risk getting caught up in backlogs.
o Pa. Turnpike provides a bypass around Scranton.
o U.S. 220 or U.S. 15 provides access to Harrisburg and points south from Central New York.

Interstate 84
· Exits 26-53: EASTBOUND bridge preservation project between Exit 26 (Tafton/Promised Land State Park) and Exit 53 (Matamoras). Anticipated completion December 2008. Includes:
· Mile 32.5 over Shohola Creek between Exit 30 (Blooming Grove) and Exit 34 (Lords Valley)
· Mile 34 over Route 739 at Exit 34 (Lords Valley)
· Mile 53.0 over Route 6 at Exit 53 (Matamoras) EB Work completed December 2008.
· Route 6 over I-84 at Exit 46 (Milford) changing traffic patterns. Barriers will remain in place with lane restrictions during the winter season. Anticipated completion in 2009.

Alternates to I-84:
· New York 17
· U.S. 6 is very scenic and generally has light traffic, except in Honesdale.

Interstate 380
Exits 20-24: NORTHBOUND & SOUTHBOUND. Bridge rehabilitation between Exits 20 (Daleville) and 24 (Scranton/Milford). DRIVERS ALERT: Alternating lane closures from Gouldsboro to the I-84/380 split. Barriers will be removed during the winter season but work will continue in spring 2009.Work will last into November 2009. Included are:
· Route 307 at I-380 NB & SB
· Route 2018 at I-380 CLOSED through winter: DETOUR Routes 502 and 435
· Route 502 Over I-380 N & S
· Route 380
· Mile 14 over Route 2013 between Exits 13 (Gouldsboro) & 20 (Daleville) (2 structures
· Mile 21 over Rte 690 & Van Brunt Creek between Exits 20 (Daleville) and 22 (Moscow)
· Mile 21.1 over Route 690 between Exit 20 (Daleville) and Exit 22 (Moscow)
· Mile 23 over Route 2010 between Exit 22 (Moscow) and Exit 24 (Scranton/Milford)
· Mile / Exit 24 (Scranton/Milford) NB & SB

Alternates to I-380:
· Pa Turnpike
· Route 435

Be prepared before you hit the road!
Motorists should keep their car in good repair; check tires, fluids and gauges and pack an emergency travel kit for their vehicle.

The emergency travel kit should contain very basic supplies tailored to any special individual or family needs. Some of the items to include are state maps (your home state plus the state you are traveling in); first aid supplies; medications; non-perishable food or snacks; water; extra clothes; a battery-operated radio and cell phone.

Everyone likes to travel when it’s convenient. That’s why roads can be congested at certain times of the day. Consider traveling in off-peak hours, such as early morning or late evening.
Provide extra time to travel in case of car trouble or unexpected delays. Be sure to plan an alternate route.

Tips for traveling through a work zone

· STAY ALERT! Dedicate your full attention to the roadway.

· Pay close attention to signs and work zone flag persons.

· Turn on headlights so that workers and other motorists see you.

· Do not tailgate.

· Do not speed. Note the posted speed limit in and around work zones.

· Never stop to ask directions from those working in the work zone.

· Do not change lanes while traveling through a work zone.

· If you need to use a cell phone, wait until you are through the work zone and then find a safe place to pull over.

· EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED! Keep an eye out for workers and their equipment.

· Be patient.

The “Late Merge” Concept

Within certain work zones, motorists will be encouraged to use both travel lanes up to the merge point. Known as the “dynamic late merge concept,” this concept reduces time spent in a traffic jam.

Information resources

- PennDOT District 4 offers a free email and text message service that alerts motorists of roadwork, crashes and delays. Visit www.neparoads.com and follow the link More News and Media to select the interstate or county in District 4 of interest. You may also email kdussinger@pa.gov with your request.

- A weekly roadwork report and county construction maps are posted to the website under are posted under the Roadwork link. The report can also be emailed to customers upon request.

- Travel information for all interstates across Pennsylvania is also found under the Interstate Advisories link. Information on local road and bridge restrictions appears under the Non-Interstate Advisories link.

- Also, the Travel Information link connects to interstate cameras, road conditions, weather reports and more to help motorists make informed travel decisions before leaving home.

- Electronic message boards along the interstates and Highway Advisory Radio help alert motorists as to restrictions ahead of them.