Non-Interstate Travel Advisories

07/02/2015     Outbound Liberty Tunnel Maintenance and Washing begins Sunday Night in Pittsburgh
07/02/2015     Inbound Squirrel Hill Tunnel Cleaning Activities begin Tuesday Night in Pittsburgh
07/02/2015     Route 885 Mifflin Road Long-term Closure begins July 6
07/02/2015     Route 18 Bridge Inspection begins Monday in Potter Township
07/02/2015     I-79 Bridge Inspection Next Week in Aleppo Township
07/02/2015     Southbound Lincoln Way Closure begins Monday in White Oak
07/02/2015     Line Painting Operations continue Next Week in Lawrence County
07/02/2015     Pavement Drilling Monday and Tuesday in Lawrence County
07/02/2015     I-376 Parkway West Overnight Closures continue Next Week
07/01/2015     Act 89 Funded Route 2031 Lincoln Way Pavement Work Begins Today in White Oak
07/01/2015     Act 89 Funded Route 317 Improvement Project begins Monday in Bessemer Borough and North Beaver Township, Lawrence County
06/30/2015     Fort Pitt Bridge Washing Activities Begin Tonight in Pittsburgh
06/29/2015     Crack Sealing Operations continue in Allegheny County
06/26/2015     Route 380 Baum Boulevard/Bigelow Boulevard/Bloomfield Bridge Reconstruction Project begins Tuesday in Pittsburgh
06/26/2015     Route 2084 Milltown Road Closure in Plum Borough
06/26/2015     Light Replacement Activities begin Next Week in Pittsburgh
06/24/2015     New Traffic Configuration on Route 65, Route 288 Improvement Project begins Today in Beaver County
06/24/2015     Hulton Bridge Reopened to Traffic
06/22/2015     REMINDER: Northbound Route 88 Long-term Closure at Route 51 begins Tonight in Pittsburgh
06/19/2015     Route 1016 Lefever Hill Road Utility Pole Relocation Work begins Monday in Indiana Township
06/19/2015     Campbells Run Road Lane Restriction begins Monday in Robinson Township
06/17/2015     Northbound Route 88 Long-term Closure at Route 51 begins Monday in Pittsburgh
06/17/2015     New Traffic Configuration on Route 65, Route 288 Improvement Project begins Thursday in Beaver County
06/15/2015     Inbound Liberty Tunnel Maintenance Tuesday Night in Pittsburgh
06/12/2015     Route 51 Improvement Project begins Monday
06/11/2015     Act 89 Transportation Funding Makes Babcock Boulevard Improvements Possible in Ross Township
06/09/2015     I-376 Parkway East Bridge Washing Activities continue Tonight in Pittsburgh
06/05/2015     Route 3009 Baptist Road Resurfacing begins Monday in Bethel Park
06/03/2015     Route 286 Golden Mile Highway New Traffic Configuration begins Thursday in Monroeville
06/02/2015     Route 108 Mount Jackson Road Closure in North Beaver Township