PennDOT District 11 Traffic Cameras

I-376 Parkway West (West to East)
60 / Business 60 Interchange
Marketplace Blvd
Robinson Town Center West
Robinson Town Center
US 22-30/SR 60 Interchange
Settlers Cabin EB Off-Ramp
Settlers Cabin
Settlers Cabin EB On-Ramp
Bishops Corner Interchange
Campbells Run
US-22/I-279 SB on Ramp
Pittsburgh Int. West
I-279 Pittsburgh Interchange
Pittsburgh Int. East
Rosslyn Farms Interchange
Carnegie Busway
Carnegie Interchange
Trumbull Dr
Greentree Interchange
Greentree Hill- Top
Parkway Center
Grentree Hill- Middle
Banksville Interchange
Fort Pitt Garage

I-279 Parkway North (South to North)
Point State Park #19
Ft Duq Blvd Ramp
10th St Bypass
279/65 Interchange
PNC Park - HOV
Lacock Street - HOV
Anderson Street - HOV
North Canal Street - HOV
East Street - HOV
Tripoli Street - HOV
St Boniface - HOV
Hazlett Street - HOV
Venture Street - HOV
Evergreen Road - HOV
McKnight Road - HOV
Perrysville - HOV
I-279 SB On-Ramp - HOV
HOV Park-N-Ride
Jacks Run
Bellevue Road
Union Ave South
Union Ave North
Ben Avon Heights Road
Camp Horne Road
Weiss Lane
Mt Nebo Road
Montgomery Rd
McAleer Rd
Pittsburgh Split

I-376 Parkway Central (West to East)
Ft Pitt Tunnel Upper Portal
Ft Pitt Tunnel Lower Portal
Fort Pitt Bridge Lower #13
Fort Pitt Bridge Lower #14
Fort Pitt Bridge Lower #15
Fort Pitt Bridge Lower #16
Fort Pitt Bridge Lower #17
Fort Pitt Bridge Lower #18
Commonwealth Place
Fort Pitt Blvd
Grant Street
North Portal Liberty
County Jail
Blvd of Allies
2nd Avenue
Brady Street
Bates Street
Swinburne Street
Saline Street
Beechwood Blvd

I-376 Parkway East (West to East)
Commercial Street
Edgewood West
Brinton Road
Forest Hills
Greensburg Pike
Churchill Interchange
Rodi Rd
Penn HIlls Interchange
McCully Dr
Thompson Run Rd
Laurel Dr
Old William Penn
Haymaker Dr
I-376/SR 22

I-579 Crosstown (South to North)
5th Ave
Bedford Ave - HOV
Veteran's Bridge - HOV

I-79 (South to North)
County Line Rd
79 SB Rest Area
79 NB Rest Area
Alpine Dr
Bridgeville Int South
Bridgeville Int
Bridgeville North
Chartiers Creek
Prestley Rd
Kirwin Hts Interchange
Thoms Run Rd
Collier Ave
Carnegie South
Ewing Road
Pittsburgh Int South
Pittsburgh Int North
W Harbison Rd
Crafton Int
Clever Rd
Forest Grove Road
S-Bend NB Entrance
3rd Bend SB
1st Bend NB
2nd Bend NB
3rd Bend NB
Coraopolis Int
Neville Island Br
Deer Run Road
Kilbuck St
Duff Rd
Glenfield Rd
Mt Nebo Int
Red Mud Hollow- South
Red Mud Hollow- North
Magee Rd Ext
Nicholson Rd
Rochester Rd
Wedgewood Dr
Wexford Int
SR 910
Mingo Rd
Wexford Run Rd
Warrendale Int
SR 19 Int
Freeport Rd
I-76 Interchange

US 19/PA 51 (South to North)
Wabash St
Lowe St
Alexander St
Steuben St
South Main St
West End Bridge South
West End Bridge North

PA 51 (South to North)
South Liberty Interchange
Crane Ave
Chess St
Woodruff St

PA 65 (South to North)
Allegheny Ave
N. Franklin St
19/SR 65
Dickson St
New Beaver Ave
McKees Rocks Br North

PA 28 (South to North)
East Ohio St
St. Nicholas Church
Gardner St
31st St. Bridge
Croft St.
40th St. Bridge

US 22 Monroeville Area
Elliot Rd