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The Automated Permit Routing / Analysis System (APRAS) allows North America's Motor Carrier Industry to enter applications for Oversize and Overweight Hauling Permits while ensuring public safety by analyzing load dimensions and weights for highway and bridge safety limits.

Posted: 08/31/2015 8:00 AM

APRAS is fully functional.

NOTE: PENNDOT staff cannot anticipate whether or when an application may be approved or denied until their reviews are completed and a final decision is made. All applications are processed initially by APRAS. While about four of every five applications are processed automatically by APRAS in about one minute, one of every five applications requires manual review. Applications are manually processed by PENNDOT staff in the order they were analyzed by APRAS, normally within one full workday.

Each Preliminary Super Load application requires extensive manual review and should be submitted at least three weeks before the anticipated move.

APRAS system