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About PennDOT:

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Services & Software

DOT Online Services:
Driver & Vehicle Services


Online VideoLog

BRADD Software

Engineering Software

New Products Evaluation and Research:
CADD Resource Files:

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Design & Construction

Project Delivery:

Regional Information

Pennsylvania Asphalt Improvement Network (PASIN)

DBE Certified Listing for Roadway Construction (PA UCP)

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Aviation & Rail Freight

Bureau of Aviation

State Flight Logs

Rail Freight Grant Programs

PA Rail Plan 2035

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Public Transportati on

Bureau of Public Transportation

Public Transportation Map

Catch the Keystone

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Adopt-A-Highway/Highway Beautification

Agility Programs

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and PennDOT

Auction Information

Bicycle/Pedestrian Information:
Bridge Inspection Quality Assurance

Bridge Standard Drawings and New Structural Products

Bureau of Aviation/Grants

Bureau of Aviation's Policy Guidance Letter

Construction Forms, CS and TR


Credit Card Authorization Form

Department News Releases


Environmental Justice Plan

Equal Opportunity Forms

Geographic Information:

Hauling Permits

Highway Lighting Unit

Highway Occupancy Permits (HOP)

Highway Occupancy Permits (HOP) Contacts:

Highway Statistics

ITS and Operations Planning

Kids Pages

Municipal Services Forms and Publications

New Product Evaluation Program

NO IDLING Signs From Pub 236

Outdoor Advertising Devices

PA Mobility Plan

Park and Ride Locations

Partnering with PennDOT:
Pavement Design and Analysis

PennDOT Library

PennDOT Public Participation Plan

Pollution Prevention Section

Posted and Bonded Roadway Program

Programs & Initiatives:
Public Transportation:
Rail Freight Properties Directory



Research Cycle of Customer Service[

Transportation and Tourism Map - FREE

Transportation Links:
Transportation Funding and Reform Commission

Transportation Planning:
Traditional Twelve Year Plan Forms

Utility Relocations

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