Traffic Planning Partners
Traffic Planning Partners

Welcome to the Bureau of Planning & Research "Traffic Partners Page", which is designed to provide you, our traffic counting partners, with useful tools and links. If there's anything you'd like to see posted on here, or if you have any other suggestions for this page, please contact our Bureau's webmaster.

Click on the button to see a map in PDF format of the employee who is covering the region.
Safety of traffic personnel and motorists must be the priority during the installation, maintenance, repair or removal of traffic counting equipment. This link takes you to the Traffic Counting Safety and Assistance Program Information Packet which includes the "Safety and Work Zone Traffic Control Policy for Traffic Counting Operations".
This is an 18 minute Traffic Counting Training Video on many aspects of setting counts in the field, with particular emphasis on safety. It's a good way to introduce traffic counting to anyone unfamiliar with it. Click on the link (500 MB) to download the video so you and others can watch it on your computer.
The Traffic Counter Contracts have been broken out by vendors. The link will take you to a new page with a link to statewide contracts for TRAFFIC COUNTERS. You can use the contracts to purchase traffic counters and related equipment.
The following link will take you to a new page with links to the PA Department of General Services statewide contracts for TRAFFIC COUNT SERVICES. The contract is broken out by vendor. You can use this contract to outsource traffic counts by PennDOT Engineering District.
Counts in PennDOT's Traffic Counting Program must meet certain requirements. These include when counts can and cannot be taken, time periods, and classification bins. Click on this link to read the requirements.
This link takes you directly to the PA Department of General Services page for information on the COSTARS Program - Cooperative Purchasing Program for Local Governments.
Most everyone in the traffic counting world faces the same problems with equipment or processing software.  Click on this button to read answers and hopefully find solutions for common problems with traffic counting equipment and processing.

Software required:
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