Traffic Information 2012 Report
Traffic Data Report 2012

If you would like to view the complete report click on this 2012 Traffic Information Report link, otherwise select the appropriate link below to see the individual page. Some pages are available in either PDF or Excel. To view the page choose which format you would like to see. The data contained in this book is to be used only for traffic counts and not for future projected growth.

    How to Use This Booklet  
    FHWA Traffic Monitoring (TMG)
    Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (Map-21)
    FHWA Traffic Monitoring Analysis System 2.0 (TMAS)
    Type of Data Collected
    Traffic Data Collection Sources
    Traffic Pattern Group (TPG)
    Permanent Site Station Locations
    Long Term Pavement Performance (LTPP)
    Permanent Site Location Map
    Permanent Site Locations by TPG
    2012 Peak Hour Summary by TPG
    2012 30th Highest Hour Summary by TPG
    2012 50th Highest Hour Summary by TPG
    2012 Design Hour Summaries (Charts)
    Five Year Summary of Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) from Permanent Sites
    Statewide Traffic Trends (Table)
    Statewide Traffic Trends (Chart)
    Heaviest Holiday Travel Periods: 2012
    Traffic Adjustment Factors
    Table 350: Hourly Percentages Compiled for Total Vehicles
    Table 360: Hourly Percentages Compiled for Truck Traffic
    Hourly Percentages: Total Vehicles (Chart)
    Hourly Percentages: Truck Traffic (Chart)
    Table 355: Average Day of Week by Month Factors Compiled for Total Vehicles
    Monthly Variation Charts by Traffic Pattern Group (TPG)
    Table 365: Average Day of Week by Month Factors Compiled for Truck Traffic
    Table 370: Yearly Growth Factors
    Functional Class Groups (FCGs)
    Table 380: Axle Correction Factors
    Table 385: Design Hour Factor Default Value
    Table 390: Rigid Equivalent Single Axle Load (ESAL) Factors
    Table 395: Flexible ESAL Factors
    Roadway Management System (RMS) Factor Table Application Flow Chart