Permanent Traffic Count Site Location Maps

Permanent Traffic Count Site Locations

Pennsylvania maintains Automatic Traffic Recorders (ATRs) at 46 strategically selected locations throughout the state. These ATRs collect traffic volume data on a continuous basis throughout the year. This data is used to develop daily and seasonal factors, as well as to identify changes in traffic patterns.

There are approximately 200 inductive loop sites, referred to as Short-Term In-Pavement Sites (STIP) installed throughout the state. Volume data is collected from these permanent sites. Pennsylvania also has 30 Continuous Automatic Vehicle Classifier (CAVC) sites that collect continuous vehicle classification data and 13 Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) stations that provide continuous truck weight and vehicle classification data.

Maps of the ATRs, STIPs, CAVCs, and WIMs can be obtained by clicking on one of the links below. Both District and County maps show the location of the ATRs, STIPs, CAVCs, and WIMs.