Maps in PDF
Tourism and Transportation Maps
Statewide (15.3 MB)
Mileage Chart (255 KB)
TTM Metropolitan Areas (0.1-2.3 MB)
Community Index (Pub. 315)
Historic Transportation Maps (5.5-8 MB)

County Maps
County Type 10 Maps (1.6-7.9MB)
Historic County Type 10 Maps (2-11.4MB)
County Type 3 Maps (0.5-3.2 MB)

Township, Borough and City Maps
Township Type 5 Maps (0.2-3 MB)
Borough Type 5B Maps (< 1 MB)
City Type 5C Maps (< 3 MB)

Traffic Volume Maps
Traffic Volume Maps (0.5-3.1 MB)

Pennsylvania Maps
PA Airport Map (0.5 MB)
PA Railroad Map (3 MB)
National Highway System Map (10 MB)
Strategic Highway Network (STRAHNET) Map (5MB)
Political Subdivision Map (3.2 MB)
County Outline Map