Publication NameAuthor Agency/ies DatedPublication No
Anti-degradation and PCSM Policy PennDOT & DEP12/27/2009SOL 432-07-07 –PennDOT
Expert System Implementation PennDOT 5/16/2008SOL 431-08-05 – JPA2
H&H QA Checklist (App D from Chapter 10) PennDOT8/29/200813M chapter 10 appendix D
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HDS-5 Hydraulic Design of Highway Culverts, Third EditionFHWA4/2012FHWA-HIF-12-026
HEC-09 Debris ControlFHWA10/2005FHWA-IF-04-016
HEC-11 Riprap Revetment FHWA3/1989FHWA-IP-89-016
HEC-14 Energy Dissipators FHWA7/2006FHWA-NHI-06-086
HEC-15 Roadside ChannelsFHWA9/2005FHWA-NHI-05-114
HEC-18 Evaluating Scour at Bridges, Fifth EditionFHWA4/2012FHWA-HIF-12-003
HEC-20 Stream Stability at Highway Structures, Fourth EditionFHWA4/2012FHWA-HIF-12-004
HEC-22 Urban DrainageFHWA9/2009FHWA-NHI-10-009
HEC-26 Culvert Design for Aquatic Organism Passage, First EditionFHWA10/2010FHWA-HIF-11-008
Publication 408/2007 SpecificationsPennDOT10/1/2009408/2007
E&S Pollution Control Program ManualDEP1/14/2008363-2134-008
PA BMP Manual DEP10/31/2007363-0300-002
Box Culvert Details PennDOT12/29/2008BD-632M
CMP Culvert TablesPennDOT1/21/2003BD-635M
PennDOT Design Manual-2PennDOT9/16/0913M
PennDOT Design Manual-4 PennDOT9/200715M
PennDOT Drainage ManualPennDOT8/29/2008584
Roadway Construction Standards PennDOT4/200472M
HEC-1 Reference Manual USACE6/1998CPD-1A Version 4.1
HEC-2 Reference ManualUSACE9/1991CPD-2A
HEC-RAS Manuals Version 4.0USACE3/2008CPD-68
Nat’l Engineering Handbook, HydrologyNRCS5/2008H_210_NEH_630 - Part 630
Nat’l Engineering Handbook, Engineering Field HandbookNRCS6/2008H_210_NEH_650 - Part 650
TR-55 Urban Hydrology Version 2.1NRCS6/1986Technical Release 55
Guidelines for Determining Flood Flow FrequencyUSGS3/1982Bulletin 17b
Techniques for Estimating Magnitude & Frequency of Peak Flows for PA StreamsUSGS2000WRIR 00-4189
Regression Equations for Estimating Flood Flows at Selected Recurrence Intervals for Ungaged Streams in Pennsylvania USGS 2008SIR 2008-5102
Field Checklist for Permit Coordination PennDOT & DEP6/17/2008584 Appendix 10.A