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cost es·ti·mate (noun) ...summation of individual cost elements, using established methods and valid data, to estimate the future costs... ...based on what is known today... (USGAO, GAO-09-3SP)

More of an art than a science, Cost Estimating requires a thorough understanding of project scope, past price history, and current market conditions along with a generous application of human judgment.

The ability to develop a reliable cost estimate is a critical function at every stage of a project. This website will serve as PennDOT's portal to essential estimating resources and information. Evolution of website content will be ongoing towards meeting the needs of the user.

Publication 352 establishes PennDOT estimating guidelines. The development of a project specific Basis of Estimate, Cost Driver Analysis, and the use of AASHTO's Estimator software is the foundation for all PennDOT estimating. This website is a tool towards facilitating a high level of estimating expertise.

Cost Drivers Analysis Form
Bid Analysis and Bid Justification Guide
8000/9000 Price History

NCHRP Report 574

Price Trends

Cost Estimating Webinars


Pub 7      Master Construction Items
Pub 13M Design Manual Part 2: Highway Design
Pub 14M Design Manual Part 3: Plans Preparation
Pub 15M Design Manual Part 4: Structures
Pub 16M Design Manual Part 5: Utility Relocation
Pub 51    Bid Package Preparation and Policies Manual
Pub 287  Construction Cost Catalog (Bid History Standard Items)
Pub 352  Estimating Manual
Pub 408  Specifications
Pub 448  Innovative Bidding Tool kit
Pub 693  Specification Review Manual