Construction Specifications


This service relates to Construction Specifications. It provides access to (1) Current and Previous Editions of PennDOT Pub 408 Construction Specifications, (2) Changes to Pub 408, and (3) Current Standard Special Provisions. Specifically:

Pub 408 is in a dual measurement format and is available in a hardcopy binder and bound versions,and on this Website. Changes to Pub 408 will be issued on a semiannual basis.

Publication 408/2011

Publication 408/Previously Issued Editions

PennDOT has made available to its users previously issued Construction Specifications and their changes. Pub 408 is in dual measurement format.

Publication 408/2007

Publication 408/2003

Standard Special Provisions

Standard Special Provisions are now being maintained in ECMS and thus PennDOT is no longer maintaining hardcopy format. However, a current listing of all standard special provisions, by Index, may be found on the ECMS website at: click on "Construction Projects" and select "Resources" and select Special Provisions.

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Publication 7 - Master Construction Items

  • A current listing of all Master Construction Items may now be found on the Web at: click on "Construction Projects" and select "Resources" then select Master Items.
Publication 287 - Construction Cost Catalog

  • A current listing of all Master Construction Item price history,may be found on the ECMS Website at: click on "Construction Projects" and select "Resources" then select Master Items.