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NumberTitleArea of Interest
PUB 2Project Office ManualProject Delivery
PUB 4Conducting Business with PA Department of TransportationOffice Services
PUB 6MStandards For Hardwood Glulam Timber Bridge DesignDesign
PUB 8Construction ManualConstruction & Materials
PUB 9Policies & Procedures For Administration Of The County Liquid Fuels TaxMunicipal Services
PUB 10Design Manual 1 - Transportation Program Development and Project Delivery ProcessDesign
PUB 11Finals Unit ManualProject Delivery
PUB 12Sales Store Price ListOffice Services
PUB 13MDesign Manual Part 2 - Highway DesignProject Delivery
PUB 14MDesign Manual Part 3 - Plans Presentation (Dual Unit)Project Delivery

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