Non-Student Summer Maintenance Program

Non Student Summer Maintenance Opportunities

PennDOT offers seasonal employment, both summer (April through October) and winter (October through March) programs, for non-students in positions across the Commonwealth. There are two types of employment with the Commonwealth requiring separate applications; Non-Civil Service, and Civil Service.

1. Non-Civil Service – Bureau of State Employment Referral Source:

  • Non-Civil Service positions Minimum Wage Rate (subject to change) .

  • Transportation Equipment Operator A $13.81

Please note: The hourly pay rate is $16.55 in Districts 4-0, 5-0, 6-0, 8-0 and Allegheny County only. To view a map of the Districts, click on 'PennDOT Organizations' from our homepage.

  • Drill Operator $15.55

  • Highway Maintenance Worker $12.25

  • Custodial Workers $12.25

To Apply:

A non-civil service employment application and information can be found at Internet access is also provided by most public libraries and PA CareerLink sites. Applicants visit Applicants can visit PA CareerLink online to locate the nearest PA CareerLink site.


2. Civil Service: Civil Service positions Minimum Wage Rate (subject to change)
  • Transportation Construction Inspector $17.55

  • Roadway Program Technician $15.55

  • Materials Technician $15.40

  • Technical Assistant $12.25

To Apply:

Applicants must submit a Civil Service application found on the State Civil Service Commission website:, or call (717) 783-3058 for a location where an application can be picked up. This application may be completed online or mailed to the State Civil Service Commission.

State Civil Service Commission
Attn: Applications
P.O. Box 569
Harrisburg, PA 17108-0569