Summer Internship - Non-Engineering

Engineering, Scientific And Technical Intern - Non Engineering

Students in non-engineering majors related to internship needs may apply for a limited number of non-engineering internships. These positions provide practical experience in administration and management. First consideration must be given to applicants who are enrolled in majors related to permanent job classes within the Department. The overall goal is to hire students who can be reached for permanent employment upon graduation, resulting in a career progression within the Department.

PLEASE NOTE: For the summer program, a limited number of non-engineering internships may be available in select counties. The following are examples of majors that will be considered:
  • Business Administration
  • Business Management
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting
  • Information Technology
  • Public Administration
  • Communications

In addition to the above, a limited number of non-engineering internships will be offered in the Bureau of Project Delivery, located in Dauphin County. The following majors will be considered:
  • Anthropology
  • Archaeology
  • Cultural Resource Management
  • Historic Preservation
  • History
  • Architectural History
  • Geography/GIS
  • Geology
  • American Studies

Also, Chemistry majors will be considered for internships in the Bureau of Construction and Materials, also located in Dauphin County.


Students must be full time (carrying 12 or more undergraduate credits or 9 or more graduate credits), and in good academic standing to be considered for internship positions.

Students must also have completed their 1st year in a 2-year Associate Degree Program or a 4-year Bachelor Degree Program.

Wage Rate: $12.43 per hour

To Apply:

Students must complete the PennDOT Internship Application. Internship applications may be submitted online or mailed to the local Human Resource Office. Please see a list of all PennDOT Human Resource Office locations below. Our preference is that applications are submitted online to expedite the process. Hiring Periods: The majority of internship hiring is in the Summer Program beginning April 1st and ending October 31st. Applications for the summer program will be accepted beginning January 1st through March 30th.