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The mission of the Bureau of Human Resources is to improve the effectiveness of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s workforce and exceed the expectations of its customers. This is completed by classifying and filling positions; administering payroll and leave processes; enforcing policy and resolving grievances; ensuring Equal Opportunity employment; providing work place safety guidance to reduce accidents and injuries; and directing employee training.

Customer-focused human resources services which lead the way to a world class Department of Transportation.

The Bureau of Human Resources provides personnel services for PennDOT’s almost 12,000 salaried employees, plus two of the largest seasonal wage programs with over 1200 winter operators and 2,000 seasonal summer employees hired each year.

PennDOT manages the fifth largest state owned roadway system in the US with over 40,000 miles of highways and 25,000 bridges.  The Department’s employees are classified with over 432 different job classifications which includes approximately 950 civil engineers. 

The Bureau of Human Resources consists of five divisions, each working to ensure that Department employees receive the best customer service on all HR-related questions.  Our areas of focus include payroll, benefits, hiring/employment, safety, employee enhancement training, and the consistent application of Commonwealth rules and contract provisions.

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