Asset Management Division - Pavement Design and Analysis Publication 242

This manual establishes the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation's (PennDOT's) policies, guidelines, and procedures for the maintenance, construction, restoration, rehabilitation, resurfacing and reconstruction of pavement structures. This manual does not address roadway geometric requirements or the restoration, resurfacing, rehabilitation, or reconstruction of bridge decks. The primary purpose of this manual is to ensure that pavement structures are evaluated in the same manner for all projects and that corrective measures are included in these projects following uniform criteria.

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Publication 242 - Pavement Policy Manual - (PDF 1.61 MB)

Table of Contents for Publication 242:
Chapter 1 - Pennsylvania's Roadway Management System
Chapter 2 - General Guidelines and Policies
Chapter 3 - Project Considerations
Chapter 4 - Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Guidelines and Policies
Chapter 5 - Bituminous Concrete Pavement Guidelines and Policies
Chapter 6 - Pavement Design Procedures
Chapter 7 - Traffic Analysis for Pavement Design
Chapter 8 - Rigid Pavement Design
Chapter 9 - Full-Depth Flexible Pavement Design
Chapter 10 - Pavement Overlay Design
Chapter 11 - Pavement Type Determination

Chapter 12 - Pavement Management
Appendix A - Sample Form D-4332 (
Electronic Form D-4332)
Appendix B - Truck Composition Counts for Design
Appendix C - 18-KIP Daily Single-Axle Load Equivalents - Special Cases
Appendix D - Design Freezing Index and
Frost Heave Worksheet
Appendix E -
Performing Life-Cycle Cost Analysis
Appendix F -
Tracking New Maintenance Techniques, Processes And Materials Evaluation Plan Forms
Appendix G - Pavement Preservation Guidelines & NEPP Guidelines

Appendix H - Quality Assurance Policy
Appendix I - Interstate Management Program Guidlines
Appendix J - Interstate Management Pavement Matrix