Asset Management Division - Pavement Design and Analysis Software

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AASHTOWare® DARWin 3.1™ - Pavement Design and Analysis System:

DARWin™ is a computerized version of the 1993 AASHTO Guide for Design of Pavement Structures. This is the program used by PennDOT and the PDAS in preparing and evaluating pavement designs. For more information and availability, visit the AASHTO DARWin website or the AASHTO home page.

DARWin Patch 3.01.011

More information is available on the AASHTOWare DARWin patch website.

AASHTO 2002 Design Guide:

Upon completion, the 2002 Guide is anticipated to become the latest and most significant revision of the AASHTO Design Guide. The pavement design methodology is based on mechanistic principles which will allow more efficient use of paving materials, improve pavement performance, and decrease life cycle costs.

Life Cycle Cost Analysis spreadsheet:

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Frost Heave spreadsheet:

Frost Heave Spreadsheet 2.1 - (ZIP 3 kb)

The Frost Heave spreadsheet can be used to calculate the loss of serviceability due to frost heave. The methods and policy regarding this topic can be found in the Pavement Policy Manual in Section 6.2.2 Frost Design & Section 9.3.1 Loss of Serviceability Due To Frost Heave.

The spreadsheet is being provided as a tool for Pavement Designers who will be responsible for verifying all results obtained from this spreadsheet. Thanks to Patrick Richter for providing this helpful tool. Pat was the PME in District 12-0 when he developed this tool.