Asset Management Division - Pavement Design and Analysis LCCA

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Life Cycle Cost Analysis spreadsheet:

LCCA 5.0 - February 8, 2013 (XLSX 373 kb)

This is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for the preparation of a paving project life cycle cost analysis. The user is responsible for obtaining Microsoft Excel.

The spreadsheets were developed by following the guidelines set in the Pavement Type Determination Chapter of Publication 242, Pavement Policy Manual. Please have a copy of the Pavement Policy Manual available while you are working with these spreadsheets.

The spreadsheets were developed in order to provide a uniform means of performing and checking an LCCA. The spreadsheets are set up to perform the calculations and alleviate the "number crunching", but are not intended to make performing a LCCA a "cook book" operation. It is important that correct unit costs, construction durations, and other data for each alternate be used. Also, the appropriate type and number of alternates must be selected for the analysis. As always, sound engineering judgement should be used.

These spreadsheets will be useful for most LCCAs. However, there may be specific projects or situations that cannot be accommodated by the spreadsheets. Either make edits to a copy of the spreadsheets, or perform the LCCA by other means.