York Airport

York Airport (THV)

6054 Lincoln Highway West
Thomasville, PA 17364
(717) 792-5566

Airport Aerial Photo

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Latitude:39 55.02'
Longitude:76 52.38'
Runway Dimensions: RW 17/35 5188x100 ft. Asphalt
Lights:MIRL; beacon; RW 17 REIL; RW 17 PAPI; RW 35 REIL; RW 35 PAPI
Remarks: None
Services:Major repair; oxygen (bottle-high)
Fuel:100LL; Jet A
FBO:York Aviation, Inc. 717-792-5566
Accommodations:"Orvilles" Restaurant; "Flyers Den"; Pilot Supplies.
Attractions:York Fairgrounds; Gettysburg Battlefield; Pinchot State Park; The Harley Davidson Factory & Museum
Airport Manager:Rich Fuess, 717-792-5566