Pittsburgh International Airport

Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT)
Pittsburgh, PA 15231
(412) 472-3500

Airport Aerial Photo

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Latitude:40 29.49'
Longitude:80 13.97'
Runway Dimensions: RW 14/32 8101x150 ft. Concrete; RW 10L/28R 10502x150 ft. Bit/Concrete; RW 10C/28C 9708x150 ft. Bit/Concrete; RW 10R/28L 11,500x200 ft. Concrete
Lights:HIRL - all runways; beacon; RW 10L, 28R, 10C, 28C, 10R, 28L, 14, 32-PAPI; RW 10L, 28R, 28C, 10R, 28L-TDZL; RW 10C - REILS; RW 10L, 10R - ALSF-2; RW 28R, 28L - MALSR; RW 32 - MALS - all tower controlled
Navaids:VORTAC; RW 10L, 10R, 32, 28R, 28L - ILS
Communication:Unicom; tower; approach & departure control; ground control; ATIS; ramp control
Weather:1-800-WX BRIEF; ASOS (412) 472-0145
Remarks: Noise abatement procedures as per controller's direction; deer & birds on & in vicinity of airport
Services:Tiedowns, APU; air freight and cargo handling
Fuel:100LL; Jet A
FBO:AvCenter (412) 472-6700
Accommodations:Airmall (shops & restaurants); Kidsport; post office; airline club; meeting rooms; ground transportation and car rentals; nearby hotels; taxi; bank; hotel on premise; convenience store
Attractions:City of Pittsburgh; museums; parks; Regional History Center; Science Center; amusement parks; sports teams; Pittsburgh Visitors Center
Airport Manager:Kent George, (412) 472-3500