McVille Airport

McVille Airport (P37)

444 Ford City Road
Freeport, PA 16229
(724) 295-1140

Airport Aerial Photo

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Latitude:40 44.00'
Longitude:79 35.99'
Runway Dimensions: RW 3/21 2325x160 ft. Turf; Rw 11/29 Permanently closed; Rw 18/36 2900x140 ft. Turf; RW 18 1000' Displaced Threshold
Lights:RW 3/21 LIRL - by request only
Communication:CTAF/Unicom 123.0 MHZ
Remarks: Deer & woodchuck on and in vicinity of runway
Services:Major/minor repair; hangar rental; tiedown; flight instruction
FBO:Armstrong Aviation, 724-294-2359
Accommodations:Administration building; restrooms; vending machines; nearby motels; phone
Attractions:camping; hunting; fishing; Cabine Greens Golf Course
Airport Manager:Theodore Kijowski & Thomas Kijowski, 724-295-1140