Highway Occupancy Permit Information

Highway Occupancy Permits (HOP)
PennDOT provides a variety of different HOPs:

Utility Permits may be issued to install, repair, replace, connect, remove, or disconnect privately, publicly or cooperatively owned lines, facilities and systems which directly or indirectly serve the public or any part thereof.

Driveway/Local Road Permits may be issued to install, alter, or remove a driveway, street or other means of passage of vehicles between the highway and abutting property.

Miscellaneous Permits may be issued to perform seismograph testing, embankment alterations, surface openings, roadway improvements; construct, replace, or remove curb and/or sidewalk; connect to Department drainage facilities; open test holes; install, repair, replace or remove non-utility structures, tipples, conveyors, pedestrian overhead crossings, subways, mines, or pedestrian underpass crossings.

Highway Occupancy Regulations:

Highway Occupancy Publications:

Publication Updates:     NEW
  • PDF - Who Can Be an Applicant for a HOP
  • PDF - Charges for Bar Holes
  • PDF - HOP Requirement for One Foot Pavement Cutback Using Flowable Fill
  • PDF - Transportation Impact Study Guidelines
  • PDF- Waiver of Design Requirements
  • PDF - Storm Water Facility Maintenance Responsibility
  • PDF - Expedited HOP Application Reviews
  • PDF - Issuance of Utility Permits to Facility Owners
  • PDF - 2010 Highway Capacity Manual
  • PDF - Right of Way Procedures for HOP Projects
  • PDF - Guidance on DEP Permits for HOP Projects
  • PDF - Updates to HOP Procedures for ePermitting System
  • PDF - Applicant’s Authorization for Agent to Apply for HOP
  • PDF - Driveway Policy for Unconventional Oil and Gas Development Drilling and Fracking Operations
  • PDF - Access Approval Procedures – Impacts to Access of Neighboring Owners; and the Forms of Indemnification
  • PDF - Review of HOPs Proposing Occupancy of Limited Access Highway Right of Way
  • PDF - Insurance Verification Forms
  • PDF - HOP Security Requirements
  • PDF - Composite Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer Utility Poles
  • PDF - HOP Procedure for Utility Emergencies
  • PDF - Updates to PennDOT’s Policies and Procedures for Transportation Impact Studies Related to Highway Occupancy Permits
  • PDF - Updates to Bridge Occupancy License Policy
  • PDF - Uncased Utility Crossings
  • PDF - Revisions to Minimum Use Driveway HOP Application
Highway Occupancy Forms:
  • M-945H - Acknowledgment – Reimbursement Obligation for Application Review (Utility Permit)
  • M-945I - Indemnification Agreement (Utility Permit)
  • M-945J - Computation Sheet For Highway Restoration Security
  • M-945K - Restoration Bond (Utility Permit)
  • M-945L - Irrevocable Letter of Credit (Utility Permit)
  • M-945R - Resolution
  • M-945U - Acknowledgement of Additional Restoration Obligation
  • M-945Y - Notice of Dispute
  • M-946 - Access Covenant (Access Permit)
  • M-947 - Drainage Release (Access Permit)
  • M-948 - Assignment of Permit or License
  • M-949A - Single Pole Plan (Utility Permit)
  • M-949B - Multi Pole Plan (Utility Permit)
  • M-949C - Surface Opening Plan (Utility Permit)
  • M-950AA - Applicant's Authorization for Agent to Apply for HOP
  • M-950IA - Indemnification (Access Permit)
  • M-950ID - Indemnification Relating to Flow of Water Onto Other Property (Access Permit)
  • M-950IDW - Indemnification for Design Waiver (Access Permit)
  • M-950D1 - Deed Fee Simple
  • M-950D2 - Deed of Easement (No Monetary Consideration)
  • M-950H - Acknowledgment – Reimbursement Obligation for Application Review (Access Permit)
  • M-950K - Obligation Bond (Access Permit)
  • M-950K1 - Blanket Bond (Access Permit)
  • M-950L - Irrevocable Letter of Credit (Access Permit)
  • M-950MPC - Land Use Questionnaire (Low, Medium & High Volume Driveway Applications)
  • M-950R1 - Approval Procedure Worksheet and Sample Letter (Access Permit)
  • M-950S - Measuring Driveway Sight Distances

Miscellaneous Occupancy Information: