Below is a listing of Publications available from the Bureau of Highway Safety and Traffic Engineering. Each publication is listed by its name with a brief description.

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Publication Number
Publication Name
PUB 46Traffic Engineering Manual
PUB 111Pavement Markings and Signing Standards TC-8600 and TC-8700
PUB 148Traffic Standards and Signals TC-7800 Series
PUB 149Traffic Signal Design Handbook
PUB 191Guidelines for the Maintenance of Traffic Signal Systems
PUB 212Official Traffic Control Devices-PennDOT's Supplement to FHWA's MUTCD
PUB 213Work Zone Traffic Control Guidelines
PUB 234Flagging Handbook
PUB 236Handbook of Approved Signs
PUB 282Highway Occupancy Permit Guidelines
PUB 312Minimum Use Driveway Permit Guidelines
PUB 383PA Traffic Calming Handbook
PUB 411PA STAA-Truck Routes for 102" Wide Trailers
PUB 627Safe Driving in Amish Country
PUB 632Horse and Buggy Driver's Manual
PUB 650Winter Driving Guide Brochure
PUB 651Steer Clear Law
PUB 670Drive Safe PA