Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Bureau Of Equal Opportunity


The Bureau of Equal Opportunity is responsible for ensuring the Department’s compliance with federal and state regulations regarding equal employment opportunity, contract compliance, and the participation of disadvantaged, minority and women-owned businesses on contracts awarded by the Department.

We are also responsible for ensuring the same compliance from contractors, consultants, manufacturers, suppliers and other business entities conducting business with the Department. In accomplishing its mission, the Bureau works very closely with the Bureaus of Human Resources, Design, Construction and Materials, Planning and Research; Office of Chief Counsel; District Disadvantaged Business Enterprise/Equal Employment Opportunity (DBE/EEO) Coordinators, Human Resources Analysts, and Title VI Coordinators; District and County EEO Counselors; and Federal Highway Administration.

The Bureau is one of six under the authority of the Deputy Secretary for Administration. We operate under the authority of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, Federal Regulations, as well as Executive Orders and Management Directives issued by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The Bureau is comprised of the Contract Compliance Division, the DBE/Title VI Division, and the Equal Opportunity Section.

We can be reached at:

(717) 787-5891
Toll Free (800) 468-4201
Fax (717) 772-4026, or by writing:

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Bureau of Equal Opportunity

P.O. Box 3251
Harrisburg, PA 17105-3251