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Glossary of Terms
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Agility Agreement
A contract between PennDOT and the Partner. When signed by PennDOT and the Partner and approved in Harrisburg, both parties may then complete a Work Plan. The agreement alone does not obligate any party to perform work. It merely provides the foundation and legal authority for cooperation and exchanging services. Some Agility Agreements are put in place as a type of "insurance policy" even if no work plans are executed.
Agility Coordinator
The Agility Coordinator is the PennDOT employee designated to handle Agility Program issues within each PennDOT District Office.
Attachment B
A list of services that PennDOT may be able to perform for Partners as well as services that Partners may be able to perform for PennDOT. It is recommended that this attachment to the agreement be left blank until the Partner knows for certain which services are to be exchanged. A completed Attachment B limits services to only those that are selected, where as a blank Attachment B imposes no such limitations.
To attest the Agility Agreement or Resolution, the individual is attesting the authenticity of the Partner's signature. The attesting individual is a member of the Governing Body or someone who due to his/her job has been appointed to be statutorily responsible for maintaining records and attesting documents.
A designee is an individual who has been elected or appointed to perform the designated function.
Governing Body
Boards, councils or committees managing and overseeing local public procurement units such as: Boroughs, Townships, Municipalities, Cities, Planning Organizations, Schools, State or Federal Agencies, Volunteer Fire Companies, Rescue or Ambulance Companies, or Hospitals.
A contractor leasing services to either PennDOT or the Partner.
A local public procurement unit such as:
A Borough, Township, County or City, a Water, Sewer, Housing, or Municipal Authority, a Council of Government; a Metropolitan Planning Organization, a Rural Planning Organization, a Public School District or University, a State or Federal Agency, a Volunteer Fire, Rescue or Ambulance Company, a Charitable Hospital, or any unit so designated by PennDOT to be an eligible Partner.
The Resolution allows a Governing Body to give an individual the authority to sign the Agility Agreement on behalf of the Partner. Without an executed Resolution page, no one within the Partner's organization or its Governing Body has the proper authority to sign the Agility Agreement. All Agility Agreements must have a completed resolution page.
Work to be exchanged between PennDOT and the Partner under a Work Plan.
Stale Date
A Partner's agreement signature can expire before the Agreement is processed. An agreement with an expired Partner signature is considered "stale dated". If the Agreement is not processed by PennDOT within sixty (60) days of the Partner's signature date, the Agreement is "stale dated" and void. To avoid this happening, the Partner must submit the Agility Agreement to PennDOT as soon as possible after it has been signed.
Terms and Conditions
This section of the Agility Agreement describes the legal responsibilities of PennDOT and the Partner. All completed Agility Agreements must be submitted to PennDOT with a Terms and Conditions section.
A member of the Governing Body who witnesses the signing of the Resolution.
Work Plan
A document showing the types of services to be exchanged, the price of services to be exchanged, the estimated completion date, and the actual completion date. PennDOT, the Partner, and AFSCME (American Federation of State County Municipal Employees) must all sign the Work Plan before any work can begin. The Work Plan only obligates the parties involved once services have been performed by either party and only for the value of those services.