Funding and 12-Year Program

The Twelve Year Transportation Program (as required by Act 120 of Pennsylvania State Law and its amendments) targets the Commonwealth's improvement efforts in all major transportation modes: highways, bridges, aviation, rail and transit. Transportation projects that focus on improving safety, enhancing mobility, moving goods and preserving the existing system are key to achieving the Department's goals and objectives. The Division will continue to focus on incorporating the philosophy of the most current Federal and State Regulations in the continuous update of the Program; this includes the tie-in of planning requirements for Transportation Improvement Plans (TIPs), and the all encompassing State TIP (STIP). This program also involves the preparation of comprehensive information packages for key Department staff, the State Transportation Commission (STC), and elected state and federal legislators and officials. These packages facilitate and communicate the development of a transportation system responsive to the needs of the Commonwealth, monitors progress on key programs and projects, and aids in resolving outstanding Transportation Program issues. Staff and support services are also provided to the STC and other Program Center functions to prepare improvement programs which maintain and enhance the existing transportation system.

Statewide Transportation Improvement Programs are developed for all areas of the state. They are developed in cooperation with all planning partners; allow for a broad range of public comment, including all modal and intermodal surface transportation projects, are consistent with regional long range plans and address the requirements of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990. These actions will continue for future update to the Transportation Program.