PENNDOT Bridge Cost Standards 2004

Bridge Standard Drawings

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The PENNDOT BDTD Publications Mailing List (PENNDOT-BDTD-PUBS) provides information for BDTD publications. This is meant to provide publication update information as an aid to engineers and contractors working on bridge design and construction projects.

  • Subscribing To The Mailing List
    • You may subscribe to the PENNDOT-BDTD-PUBS Mailing List by clicking on the link,
    • After sending an e-mail to the address above, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. You must reply to that e-mail in order to complete the subscription process. The confirmation e-mail may take up to several hours to reach you.
  • Submitting An E-mail For Reporting Bridge Standard Problems
    • You may send an e-mail to PENNDOT BDTD to ask a question about a particular standard. To send an e-mail simply click on the link,
    • When an e-mail is sent to PENNDOT BDTD, please be advised that your message is sent to the moderators of the list only. Your message will never be sent directly to everyone on the mailing list. If you bring up an issue that results in a change to the bridge standards, the moderators will prepare and distribute a formal e-mail notification.



How do I view a standard?

  • To view an individual sheet or an entire standard - Select a link from the drop down menu that corresponds to each standard title. When you choose a link, the sheet(s) will open in Adobe Reader. If you do not have Adobe Reader installed, click the Adobe Reader icon below and follow the instructions.

  • Bookmarks - If you are in Adobe Reader looking at a particular sheet of a standard, click the bookmarks to the left of the sheet to go to another sheet in the same standard. You must have your navigation pane, or bookmarks, visible.

  • Adobe Reader Version 6 - If you experience problems opening a standard, you may have an older version of Adobe Acrobat. Adobe Acrobat was used when creating this site. To download the newest version, go to Adobe's Web site.

  • Navigating - If you want to navigate through the pages of a multiple page document, use Acrobat's page navigation tools at the top or at the bottom of the screen. The page number display on the bottom toolbar shows the number of the page you are on with the total number of pages in the document. In the New Products portion of this site, some long documents are broken into groups, such as "Sheets 8-11." The page number display when viewing this document would show the total number of pages as four (page 8, 9, 10, and 11). Note that it will not say "8 of 11" on the first page of this document, but will say "1 of 4."

How do I print a standard?

Printing a standard

  1. Select a link from the drop down menu that corresponds to each standard title. (Follow the directions above for viewing a standard if you have any problems opening the file.)
  2. Click the printer icon in Adobe Reader.Printer Icon

Printing a specific detail or a portion of a sheet

  1. Select the sheet from the drop down menu.
  2. Choose the graphics selection tool. Graphics Icon
  3. Select the detail you want to print by clicking and dragging to form a box, or marquee, around the area.
  4. When the marquee fully outlines the area you want to print, click the printer icon.Printer Icon
  5. Ensure that "selected graphic" is checked in the print dialog, choose your printer, and click "OK.

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